Oh my, the weather is perfect for some outdoor gathering! But where should I go? I could go to the Demarech Mines to dig for Miracle Stones, or I could venture out to the Candeo Marsh in search of rare Waterweeds...
— Ainisus

Ainisus is the chairman of the Collectors Club in Navea. The player can talk to him to learn the basics of gathering, or about the Collectors Club.


Ainisus loves nature with passion, often thinking where to head next. Because of this, he prefers to be called an "adventurer" instead of a chairman. He's also very energetic, except when it comes to paper work.

Ouranus notes his immaturity as a chairman, and how he puts Ouranus and Garret into trouble. Even so, they believe Ainisus is perfect for the role of chairman because of his passion.

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