This is not a place to socialize at your leisure. Unless you're here on important business, I suggest you leave.
— Andre

Andre is the Templar Commander the Envoy meets in the Dimensional Belt in a dream. He can be found in Navea, specifically at the Military Hall afterwards in the player's journey.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Andre has blue eyes and short reddish-brown hair, His Templar Armor is slightly different from his subordinates with more red in the upper torso, owing to his position as their Commander.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Andre is a serious and stern man who is against people who treat war as a game. In the Dimensional Belt he appeared to trust the Envoy a lot and showed a great deal of charisma and bravery, like rallying the troops and fighting alongside them. However, when the Envoy meets him in Navea, he is brusque and borderline hostile. He apparently dislikes—perhaps even hates—Envoys. However, he doesn't let his personal feelings intervene with his orders.

Background[edit | edit source]

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Andre became Templar Commander when the former Templar Commander, Reinhardt, stepped down from position as Commander and resigned from the Templar Knights to marry Luciana. He retains his position when Reinhardt donned his Templar armor again since Reinhardt is on a journey to resurrect his wife.

Campaign[edit | edit source]

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Dimensional Belt[edit | edit source]

He entrusts the Envoy to several tasks over the course of the battle. When facing Reinhardt, he gave the Envoy an Eidolon.

Navea[edit | edit source]

At first, Andre was quite skeptical towards the Envoy because of his relationship with Reinhardt. But because of the event in Cactakara Forest, the Envoy had gained his respect. He trained the Envoy to wield a secondary weapon before he dispatched the Envoy and Victoria to investigate Demarech Mines. When the Envoy returns to the church, Reinhardt attacks and kills half of Gus's Imperial Guard. Andre was unable to pursue Reinhardt due to the Demon's appearance.

Silent Ice Field[edit | edit source]

After the location of the Shadow Knight's main base was been found, Andre personally lead the Templar Army to the front lines. They managed to occupy the Dark Fortress Bridge entrance, but the situation came to a deadlock where he and the demons couldn't advance, resulting in a stalemate before Maggie assisted Victoria to establish the Siege base on the hill. They managed to weaken the enemy's defenses which broke the stalemate, and Augustus charged in to occupy the central area of the fort.

The Envoy arrived to assist Andre. After the precise location of Reinhardt had been found, he with the Envoy pursued Reinhardt only to be encountered by Von, but Andre couldn't finish him off due to the interference of another dragons that wanted to settle score with Von. Andre later faced Reinhardt head on and with the aid of the Envoy they succeeded in defeating him. However, Maggie came in and stopped the Templar Vanguard from capturing him, resulting in Reinhardt's escape and Maggie's death. Frustrated, he remained in Silent Ice Field for a while to clean up any stragglers before returning to Navea.

Wrathborne Temple[edit | edit source]

After the final location of Reinhardt had been discovered, he summoned every High Commander such as Alex, Victoria and Anya while waiting for the Envoy to arrive. Andre was worried and asked about the Envoy's bad hunch, which made him realize that the Envoy could have the same vision as the Grand Bishop Belenus. Together with the Envoy, he managed to break through the Demons defensive line but got critically wounded when Reinhardt barged in.

Quests[edit | edit source]

He is involved in the following quests (listed chronologically):

Dimensional Belt[edit | edit source]

Navea[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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