Archive is a feature that allows the player to keep track of their collection of various items. It is updated as new items arrive. It can be accessed through the inventory, its icon being an open book.


Item Mall collectionEdit

Archive - Item Mall Interface

Item Mall collection

In the Item Mall collection, players can register costumes, mounts, furniture and pets. Details such as dye, enchantment and equipping is visible. Each has its own category with costumes having one for each piece. The interface also allows the player to view their collection progress in amount (number of items registered) and rate (%).

To register an item, simply right-click on the item with the interface up and select "add to collection". To remove an item, simply right-click on the item in the collection list. Note that only orange-quality costumes, orange- and gold-quality mounts and gold-quality pets can be registered. Furniture of all qualities (green- and orange) can be registered.

In the collection list, the player can also reverse from newest to oldest and show only items they possess, as well as only display items for their character gender.


Archive - Fishpedia Interface


The Fishpedia is where the player can archive Fish Kings and orange-quality fishes they have caught. It details name, origin, stars, the fish's highest caught length (cm) and total fish caught. The list can be filtered by non-archived and location.

List of collectionEdit

In-game, all items that can be registered in the Item Mall collection has the text "suitable for collection" on the bottom of the item description. If the item is already registered, it will instead say "already collected" in red text.

For a list of of items that can be registered, please refer to:

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