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There are many attributes in the game. They are elements of nature such as water, ice, wind, fire, etc. Attributes found in Eidolons are also known as "properties". Below is a list of all the Elements known in the game, further may be found.

Attribute Name

For weapons, the element increases the skill amplifier with a bonus of 20% for the corresponding skill. For example, if a Wizard is wielding a flame staff, the power of the skill Fireball will increase from 100% skill amplifier to 120%.

For armors, being hit by an elemental monster decreases the damage taken by 25% if the element on the armor match. For example, if a player wears a darkness armor and gets hit by an enemy with darkness property, the player will take 25% damage less.

Non-elemental weapon and armor exist, but does not give any benefits.

Damage bonus against element targets[]

In the Detailed List on the player's character, on the bottom of "Offensive" heading, there is a list of "Damage bonus against element targets". Self-explanation, when facing an enemy with a specific element the damage the player deal will increase depending on the value.


There are other types of attributes that don't belong in those categories, but also has the symbol next to the item. In most armor items, the original Prefix should be displayed, rather than the Prefixes that adds to the armor. Many of them are known to be as:

Prefix Name Original? Effect
Agile ? EVA +1%
Agility ? EVA +2%
Barbed [weapon] Yes DMG +2%
Bestial Yes DMG +1%
Max HP +1%
Binder[weapon] Yes 20% chance of reducing target's EVA by 25% for 8 seconds
Blessed[armor] ? Earned XP +5%
Bloodstained[weapon] ? Max HP +2%
Breaking[weapon] ? 20% chance to Knock enemy backward 5 meters
Burning ? CRIT +1%
Bursting ? DMG +2%
Crippling[weapon] ? 20% chance of reducing target's SPD by 25% for 8 seconds
Darkness Yes Deals an extra 7% Damage to targets with the Holy attribute
Dauntless ? Damage taken -1%
Deadly[weapon] ? CRIT DMG +15%
Destroyer[weapon] ? 20% chance of reducing target's DEF by 10% for 8 seconds
Destroying ? CRIT DMG +6%
Determinator ? Max HP +2%
Eagle[weapon] Yes CRIT +2%
Fell[weapon] ? ACC +2%
Fierce Attack [item name] ? Damage +12% against Elite Monsters
Forceful ? Crit Rate of elite monsters -2%
Fury ? Deals an extra 7% Damage to targets with the Flame attribute
Ghost[weapon] ? EVA +2%
Gothic [item name]
Guardian ? SPD +1%
DEF +1%
Healing ? HEAL +3%
Holy[weapon] Yes 20% chance of reducing target's CRIT by 40% for 8 seconds
Hungry Night ? Deals an extra 7% Damage to targets with the Dark attribute
Immaculate ? SPD +2%
Imperial ? Move SPD +3%
Killing [item name] ? Damage +12% against Boss Monsters
Godly ? ACC +3%
Lucky ? Loot Drop Rate +3%
Luminescent ? Damage +5% against Holy attribute targets
Martial ? CRIT +1%
EVA +1%
Noble ? CRIT +1%
Max HP +1%
Nocturnal[weapon] ? 3% of Damage taken is absorbed to recover HP
Piercing ? DMG +1%
Precision ? ACC +1%
Protector[weapon] ? 20% chance of reducing target's DMG by 15% for 8 seconds
Quick[weapon] Yes SPD +2%
Quicksilver ? SPD +2%
Resiliant ? Max HP +1%
Restorer[weapon] ? HEAL +10%
Rubbed ? ?
Rugged ? Crit Rate of enemy players -2%
Simian[weapon] ? DEF +2%
Shadow Yes DMG +1%
EVA +1%
Shocking[weapon] ? 20% chance to stun target for 2 seconds
Spidery ? SPD +1%
Max HP +1%
Spiky ? DMG +1%
DEF +1%
Stalking ? CRIT +1%
DEF +1%
Stealth[weapon] ? 20% chance to slow target for 5 seconds
Tempest ? Deals an extra 7% Damage to targets with the Storm attribute
Tenacious ? Crit Rate of bosses -2%
Thawing ? Deals an extra 7% Damage to targets with the Ice attribute
Thunderous ? Deals an extra 7% Damage to targets with the Lightning attribute
Unshakable ? Damage taken -2%
Vigilant ? SPD +1%
EVA +1%
Violent ? <does not offer any kind of bonus; this prefix is given to items that don't have any element bonus (ie: NOT Ice/Flame/Lightning/Holy/Darkness)>
  • Blessed [item name]
  • Brutal [item name]
  • Dexterous [item name]
  • Evasive [item name]
  • Ferocious [item name]
  • Imperial [item name]
  • Impervious [item name]
  • Tenacious [item name]

In most weapon articles, the wiki only uses the base name without the attribute attached to it. Some players are known to have obtained a Flame Glyphed Staff rather getting a Storm Glyphed Staff like others, so the wiki subtracted the attributes to make it clearer.