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The Auction House is a type of service that players can auction off items for other players to buy.


Auction House

The Auction House

The Auction House works differently from the stalls. Unlike the stalls, players can leave up to eight items in the Auction House, with a price, and leave the Auction House. Items will be up for a maximum of 24 hours from the time it has been auctioned off. When someone buys the auctioned item, the cash will be sent to the player's mail, and the item will no longer be in the player's possession. If the item does not sell, the item is sent back to the player through mail, and the player does not receive a refund. Auctioning an item requires a 10% fee of the offered price.

Auction House - Your Auctions

The player's auctions

The Auction House stores all items that every player has auctioned off. Anyone can buy these items depending on the amount the player has bid. In the Auction House, there are several categories with subcategories for an organized list of all items of the same type. The list can also be sorted by name, level, or price. The player can also specify the type of item using the search function, level range, amount of gold or silver, or quality of item.


The Auction House can be accessed through the Auctioneers, identified as AuctionNPCicon (a yellow dollar sign) on the map.

NPC Location Coordinates
<Auction House>
Navea X:668, Y:406
Navea X:630, Y:366
<Manor Auctioneer>
Guild Hall X:193, Y:105

The Auction House can also be opened up anywhere in the world field if the player has an Auction Card. When used, the same principles used to access the Auction House is the same as the Auction House interface appears. The item will disappear after use.

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