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Wiki News
Discord Channel! - 12 December 2016
The wiki has now a Discord channel! Join if you want to discuss with us directly.
Costume Collaboration Album! - 10 July 2016
Check out cross-over costumes between various franchises and Aura Kingdom here!
Eidolon Wallpapers! - 15 April 2016
With X-Legend spreading high quality wallpapers of the Eidolons, we have collected them on our wallpaper page! Check them out!
We need more editors! - 11 March 2015
Aura Kingdom Wiki had suffered a lack of editors, and we would like to regain control by expanding articles and creating new ones to catch up with the current version of Aura Kingdom. You can contribute anonymously or create a Wikia account, your choice. We need every help there is!
New domain name - 22 July 2014
We have moved to a new domain name from aura-kingdom to aurakingdom. Our old url will now redirect to the new one, and we no longer need to type a hyphen in the domain name. The former Wikia under aurakingdom has been merged with us, so there is now only one Aura Kingdom Wikia. For more information, see Thread:7977.
Site changes - 11 July 2014
Main page, background, and several other templates have been updated to fit the theme. Let us know what you think on the forums!
Monobook supported - 15 June 2014
Aura Kingdom supports the Monobook theme! You are free to use this skin if you want to. Here's a preview of the Monobook skin. To change it, access your preferences, go to the "Appearance" section, find "Layout", and choose Monobook.
Manual of Style - 14 June 2014
A Manual of Style has been written! If you are interested in making articles look polished and absolutely amazing, be sure to read our Manual of Style!
Featured article - 14 June 2014
Want a high-quality article to be featured on the main page? Nominate an article on our new discussion board! Read the requirements for nominations here.
Main page redesign - 14 June 2014
The main page went through a redesign!
Community corner update - 2 June 2014
The community corner has been updated!
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Featured Videos

5 Basic Useful Tips & Tricks!

Places You Haven't Been!

OST - Sky Tower 31F - 35F

Yellow Mushroom

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Featured Article
This month's featured article is Obobolish. Suggest a featured article!
The more complex the meaning, the longer the word. It is beyond imagination regarding the lexicon of Obobolish.
— Jacky Ryan's note

Obobolish is one of the languages which is spoken in the world of Terra by the Obobo. The language is simply made of "Oh" and "Bo" sounds but there is over 100,000 different combinations, this means it is one of the hardest languages known on Terra.

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Featured Guild
This month's featured guild is...
of the Phoenix server.

Guild Bishop

The Bishop guild was founded on May 24, 2016, by Bermuda and his in-game character Khleo. The purpose is to serve our lord and savior Belenus, who shall protect us from the demon army.

Bishop is a laid-back guild where everyone is welcome to do whatever they want. We are currently recruiting members of any level, any gear.

Praise Belenus #Belenus4Lyfe

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Helping Out
Want to help out Aura Kingdom Wiki?
Before you start... Adding some content...

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Without further ado, you can begin creating your guild page. Note: all guild pages must use the prefix Guild: to be acceptable on the wiki. The form below will automatically add the prefix.

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