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This project page introduces Guilds and regulations to be able to create and customize your own guild page within Aura Kingdom Wikia. Guilds are an important part of Aura Kingdom, and as such we allow the creation of guild pages within the wiki to allow further advertisement and in-depth details about your guild.

Rules and regulationsEdit

In order to comply with our standards, all guild pages must abide to our rules and regulations.

All policies of Aura Kingdom Wikia apply.

All guild pages should be properly formatted
Guild pages should be neatly organized, titled appropriately, to allow users to be able to read and comprehend your guild page. For further formatting and appropriate titling, see below.
Guild pages must be PG-13
Guild pages may not contain inappropriate or unacceptable content such as but not limited to: spam, gibberish, obscene language and/or media, racism, drugs, violence, or pornography. All guild pages must be within PG-13 standards. Administrators of this wiki will make final decisions, if necessary.
Guild pages should contain sufficient information
Guild pages should be a minimum of 200 bytes, or at least two paragraphs with supporting information. Bytes can be viewed on the article's history page.
Unsolicited advertisement is forbidden
No illicit advertisement to spam, malware, or otherwise inappropriate content. All external websites must be pre-approved by the administrators of Aura Kingdom Wikia.
Only guild members are allowed to edit the guild page
Only guild members of that guild and staff of this wiki may edit the guild page at all times. Aura Kingdom Wikia staff will only edit to fit regulations if the guild page is deemed inappropriate or unacceptable; they may not alter or edit the guild page unless they are members of the guild.
Foreign language is not allowed
All guild pages must be in English, American or British. If used in a matter of conveying a subject matter, such as but not limited to media or titles, you may request to have foreign language used only on issues that promote a better guild page. Foreign language may not under any circumstances be but not limited to: spam, inappropriate, obscene, racist, or illegal.

Administrators may adjust, alter, or apply the rules and regulations at their own discretion, but only if considered under good faith, see Help:Assuming good faith.


All guild pages should be titled accordingly, by using the prefix Guild:. For example, if your guild name is called DancingFlowers, the title should be called Guild:DancingFlowers.

If you are unsure on how to start, use this createbox with your guild name to get you started.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.