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Icons are integral parts of the wiki as they are generated from the in-game icon images and allow us to display them on the wiki for visual demonstrations.

Theoretically, it is nearly impossible, or at least extremely time consuming, to gather all of the images in-game themselves. Rather, these files have been extracted from the package files to spare some time.

As part of the items and skills database, we have compiled a list of all icons. Please do note that these icons are not properly named and as such require the standardized naming scheme before being used on an article.

Renaming files

Unfortunately, file renaming is limited to content moderators and administrators only. However, you can take part in this project in a couple of ways:

  • Create the necessary article that uses such icon. Comment on the article with the appropriate name for the icon. An administrator or content moderator will then review and rename it.
  • Ask an administrator or content moderator!

Icons database

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