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Monobook is a skin that differs from the Oasis (default) skin. Monobook is similar to the Vector skin uses by Wikipedia.

Aura Kingdom Wiki supports the Monobook theme and has taken the liberty to design our Monobook skin to fit with the theme of the wiki.

Differences between Oasis and MonobookEdit

These are just the outline of differences between the two skins:

  • As oppose to having both sides showing the background, Monobook only displays one.
  • Monobook has a larger content area than Oasis (about the size of the main page).
  • Monobook does not support the wiki navigation. Instead it uses a sidebar to list a few helpful links.
  • Monobook does not support the rich text editor. It only uses source code.
  • Monobook does not support avatars.

Previewing MonobookEdit

You can preview our Monobook theme by adding ?useskin=monobook at the end of any page that is compatible with the Monobook skin.

For example

Changing layoutsEdit

  1. Access your preferences
  2. Find the "Appearance" section on the "My Info" tab
  3. Find the "Layout" option and choose either Wikia (Oasis) or Monobook.

Special pagesEdit

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