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Welcome to the Monsters Format guide for editing monster-related articles in the wiki. It also consists of the rules for each monster with the proper name, information, etc.

Existing IconsEdit

The below are skill icon images that have already been added in the wiki. Feel free to come back here and grab these!

Monsterskill-Abyssal Hammer Monsterskill-Abyssal Strike Monsterskill-Alternating Current Monsterskill-Ashen Monsterskill-Binding Wind Curse Monsterskill-Bladewing Blizzard Monsterskill-Beetle Jaws Monsterskill-Burn
Abyssal Hammer Abyssal Strike Alternating Current Ashen Binding Wind Curse Bladewing Blizzard Beetle Jaws Burn
Monsterskill-Binding Wind Monsterskill-Charge! Monsterskill-Cloud of Dust Monsterskill-Corrosion Monsterskill-Corrosive Exhalation Monsterskill-Cross of the Claret Monsterskill-Cyclone Claw Monsterskill-Corrosion 2
Binding Wind Charge! Cloud of Dust Corrosion Corrosive Exhalation Cross of the Claret Cyclone Claw Corrosion (2)
Monsterskill-Demolition Claw Monsterskill-Drop the Hammer Monsterskill-Dark Thunderclap Monsterskill-Dismemberment Monsterskill-Dark Corrosion Monsterskill-Dark Shadow Arrow Monsterskill-Dragobolt Monsterskill-Draconic Emberburst
Demolition Claw Drop the Hammer Dark Thunderclap Dismemberment Dark Corrosion Dark Shadow Arrow Dragobolt Draconic Emberburst
Monsterskill-Dulling Monsterskill-Explosion Monsterskill-Electric Void Monsterskill-Ferocious Bite Monsterskill-Frostbolt Volley Monsterskill-Frostwind Strike Monsterskill-Fury Strike Monsterskill-Ground Pound
Dulling Explosion Electric Void Ferocious Bite Frostbolt Volley Frostwind Strike Fury Strike Ground Pound
Monsterskill-Gale Fury Monsterskill-Give In To Your Anger Monsterskill-Glacial Barrage Monsterskill-Gale Wings Monsterskill-High Pressure Monsterskill-Holy Flash Monsterskill-Holy Laser Monsterskill-Ice Arrow
Gale Fury Give In To Your Anger Glacial Barrage Gale Wings High Pressure Holy Flash Holy Laser Ice Arrow
Monsterskill-Ice Thorns Monsterskill-Instant Condensation Monsterskill-Jump Attack Monsterskill-Mega Buster Monsterskill-Megaton Punch Monsterskill-Noxious Twister Monsterskill-Parasitic Rubicant Monsterskill-Purifying Flame
Ice Thorns Instant Condensation Jump Attack Mega Buster Megaton Punch Noxious Twister Parasitic Rubicant Purifying Flame
Monsterskill-Pandemonium Smash Monsterskill-Permafrost Monsterskill-Pulse Monsterskill-Piercing Wind Monsterskill-Quick Slice Monsterskill-Snap Freeze Monsterskill-Sanguine Fury Monsterskill-Scarlet Laceration
Pandemonium Smash Permafrost Pulse Piercing Wind Quick Slice Snap Freeze Sanguine Fury Scarlet Laceration
Monsterskill-Stormfire Monsterskill-Seismic Resonance Monsterskill-Sky Smash Monsterskill-Shockwave Monsterskill-Slash Monsterskill-Shocking Wave Monsterskill-Shatter Armor Monsterskill-Spider Claw
Stormfire Seismic Resonance Sky Smash Shockwave Slash Shocking Wave Shatter Armor Spider Claw
Monsterskill-Storm Call Monsterskill-Stormy Roar Monsterskill-Targeted Strike Monsterskill-Toxic Howl Monsterskill-Thunder Sword Monsterskill-Void Punch Monsterskill-Venom Blast Monsterskill-Wind Blade
Storm Call Stormy Roar Targeted Strike Toxic Howl Thunder Sword Void Punch Venom Blast Wind Blade
Monsterskill-Wave of Ice Monsterskill-Wild Severing Monsterskill-Wind Raid Monsterskill-Whirling Claw Monsterskill-Zephyr Monsterskill-Linear Accelerator Monsterskill-Plasma Grenade Monsterskill-Pulse Ring
Wave of Ice Wild Severing Wind Raid Whirling Claw Zephyr Linear Accelerator Plasma Grenade Pulse Ring
Monsterskill-Volt Charge Monsterskill-Infinity Spear
Volt Charge Infinity Spear



When you take a picture of a monster, please take an accurate shot. The picture should not only be a close-up, but a long shot of the whole figure of the monster. The image should also display facial and body features, direct to target.

For the name of the image, simply place:

[[File:Budding Flower Dryad.jpg]]

The monstername is supposed to replace the name of the monster. File type must be in .jpg to reduce file size and page load.


Names of the monsters stated in the game should be transferred here. Do not make up inaccurate or translated names. Unlike the Items format, players can just easily recognize if this article is a monster or not without Monster/monster name.


Members should use the template {{Infobox monster}} and label all parts for the monster.

Aside from the template, place in a short description of the monster with the type of monster it is (ie: mushroom, bear, etc). Include a Heading called "Appearance" to describe its appearance and "Skills" for its skills. For skills format, click on the link to learn how to title the image names.


Monster skill images should begin with


Monsters may share the same skill. If for some reason the name of the skill does not match the name of the file, add in the parameter |icon= with the name of the skill. For example: |icon=Jump Attack 2 if there is another version of Jump Attack. Exclude the File:Monsterskill-.png part as that is automatically added in.


Loots should be properly listed in the order it is in the game and precisely having the correct names of the item. Some items are inconsistently named between other items, for example LV70 Weapon Crate does not follow the other standard names such as Lv.70 Armor Box (LV70 vs. Lv.70). For the sake of game consistency, follow the in-game names.

If a monster does not have loots, please insert the following:

This monster does not drop loot.


All monster articles should be placed in the Category:Monsters page.

If the following apply, please also add them:

[[Category:Dungeon Monsters]]
[[Category:Elite Monsters]]
[[Category:Boss Monsters]]

For a precise location category, use the following categories:

[[Category:(world field) Monsters]]
Replace (world field) with the name of the world field
ie: [[Category:Helonia Coast Monsters]]

[[Category:(dungeon) Monsters]]
Replace (dungeon) with the name of the dungeon
ie: [[Category:Alabastren Temple Monsters]]

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