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Welcome to the Quests Format guide for editing quest-related articles in the wiki. It also consists of the rules for each quest article with the proper name, information, etc.



Quests do not have to have images.


Names for quests follow the format below:

  • Lv1. Quest Name
  • Lv2. Quest Name
  • Lv3. Quest Name
  • Lv4. Quest Name
  • so on...

An example of that would be Lv1. Bad Dreams and Worse Mornings.


Members should use the template {{Infobox quest}} and label all parts for the monster. Aside from the template, place in another template {{Quest Log}}. Check Lv1. Bad Dreams and Worse Mornings for a good example.


All monster articles should be placed in one of the categories below:

All these categories are part of the Category:Quests.

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