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Welcome to the Skills Format guide for editing skills-related articles in the wiki. It also consists of the rules for each skill with the proper name, information, etc.



To create skill pages, simply put the skill name. However, for Envoy's Path skills, only a tooltip can be placed in the page named:

What category? Place the Envoy's Path pages in and Category:Envoy's Paths. Otherwise place them in the Category:Guardian Class Skills, Category:Duelist Class Skills, Category:Ravager Class Skills, Category:Grenadier Class Skills, Category:Gunslinger Class Skills, Category:Wizard Class Skills, Category:Sorcerer Class Skills, and Category:Bard Class Skills. DO NOT PLACE IT ON Category:Skills, that is the larger category for descriptions of skills.

Eidolon Skills

Skill pages for Eidolon should be created with the accurate name of skill used in the game. No translations. What category? Place them in the Category:Eidolon Skills.

Monster Skills

Skill pages used by monsters follow the same format as the Eidolons. Simply place in the skill picture name and label the properties. Remember to check the image for monster skills. What category? Place them in the Category:Monster Skills.

Skill Image Rules

This section in the guide will explain what your image for the skill should be named.


Primary skills are already done for players. Only Primary skill images are in PNG files while the rest of the skills are in JPEG files. The images' names come in this:
Original skill name: Sword Cut


The skillname area should be together, no dashed or space lines. The incorrect way would be:



To set up a name for a combo skill, simply follow the below.
Original Combo Skill Name: Bloody Blade




Envoy's Path

Remember that the Envoy's Path skills do not need a page, but they need an image. Refer to Kyara's Sandbox2 for the Icon Database.


Masteries have General, Attack Spec, Advance, Defense Spec, Tactical Spec, and Special, but they all follow the same image naming format.
Original Skill Name: Splitting Air Cut

[[File:Splitting Air Cut-mastery.jpg]]

Eidolon Skill Images

Eidolons only have primary and ultimate skills. These skills can either be in PNG or JPEG files.


Original Skill Name: Azure Dream and Love Shield


You do not need to write the skill name in an Eidolon's ultimate skill image! Follow the example below:


All ultimate skills of an Eidolon will have the "Serif", "Merrilee", etc. in the front of the name before the dash. After the dash, place in a number, use 1 first and keep it consecutive.

Refer to this thread on the agreement for naming Ultimate Skill icons: Thread:16021.

Monster Skill Images

Monsters have skills like all Eidolons and players do. Images should be in PNG format. Monster skill images should follow the example below:
Original Monster Skill Name: Holy Flash

[[File:Monsterskill-Holy Flash.jpg]]

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