Ayako's Key of Gaia
Gaia Key
Cannot trade. Not usable in combat.
Character Level 25 and Above
Ayako's will is imbued in it. The fragments exude the aroma of food.

Right-click to obtain the Eidolon Ayako.
You cannot obtain the same Eidolon twice.
This key is also used in the evolution of Ayako.
Hold Shift while you click to separate stacks of items.
Lupine Gourmand
Level: 25
DMG: 5029 A.png
CRIT: 491 Cplus.png
SPD: 884 Bplus.png
HP: 7185 Cplus.png
DEF: 1756 Cplus.png
EVA: 737 B.png
Lupine Phantom
Using Lunar Might, Ayako awakens a frozen wolf spirit which attacks the enemy, dealing Ice Damage to its victims and freezing them.

Frigid Rain
Ayako summons five poisonous ice arrows to attack the enemy, causing DPS to all enemies hit.

Lunar Might
Ayako calls upon the power of the moon to increase surrounding allies' Move SPD by 20%.

Info[edit | edit source]

This key will summon Ayako.

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