Azuria Blades
DuelistATK SPD 1.8 s
Cannot trade. Cannot discard. Cannot fortify. Cannot store in warehouse. Disappear after Cutscene.
Character Level 1 and above
Durability 100 / 100
DMG +45890
HP +30600
Stoneupgrade No Secret Stones have been inlaid.
Fortification +9:
Fortification +15:
Fortification +18:
Fortification +20:
Fortification +25:
Fortification +30:

Weapons forged by Analisa. It contains great power. Right-click to Equip.

Related QuestEdit

Lv1. Support From Afar


This is known as the ultimate weapon that Duelists hold in the world of Azuria. In the tutorial or cutscene (after you created your character), you will be asked to equip these blades in order to fight Reinhardt <Shadow Knight> and various enemies.


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(Level 60 - 65)
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(Level 65 - 95)
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Level 105 - 115 Flowing Light: Twinkling Jade Wings
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