Primary Skills
Stormsong-skill Storm Song
Heavenlytone-skill Blissful Harmony
Healingnote-skill Healing Harmony
Rockconcerto-skill Ambient Drone
Littlelovemelody-skill Ballad
Healingchorus-skill Healing Tones
Holynote-skill Holy Notes
Rhapsody-skill Rhapsody
Left Path
Phoenix Rising
Right Path
String of Punishment
Wizard Combo
Combo-soundbarrier Sonic Shield
Combo-electronicabomb Electronic Music
Combo-overtone Harmonic Series
Sorcerer Combo
Combo-windcanto Song of Winds
Combo-firespiritsummon Fire Sprite
Combo-holysoundblade Holy Sound Wave
Ranger Combo
Combo-sonicarrow Supersonic Arrow
Combo-parayarray Domineering Thunder
Combo-magicshot Precise Combo
Eidolon Combo
Serif-icon Serif-skill8 Eye of the Storm
Merrilee-icon Merrilee-skill8 Frozen Ballet
Grimm-icon Grimm-skill8 Crippling Roar
Alessa-icon Alessa-skill8 Linked Burst

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