Don't know about the game much? Need help with something? Well, here is the right place for you. Beginners are welcome to learn anything under this guide!
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Beginning Guide/Introduction
In this article, you will learn about the world, the game, and the player of Aura Kingdom Online.
Beginning Guide/Installation
In this article, players will understand the explanations about how to install the game and start.
Beginning Guide/Character Creation
In this article, there are descriptions of classes, races, and other customization for the player's character.
Beginning Guide/Features
In this article, players will learn about the features used and displayed in the game.
Beginning Guide/Map Interface
In this article, information is uncovered about the game's mini-map and menu icons for windows.
Beginning Guide/Controls
In this article, players will learn the basic controls used in the game and skill binding hotkeys.
Beginning Guide/Quests
In this article, descriptions cover about how quests work, types of quests, and completion.
Beginning Guide/Achievements
In this article, players will learn how to achieve different titles of several challenges and types of achievements players can earn.
Beginning Guide/Auto-Potion System
In this article, players will learn how to set certain potions for automatic settings and how to use them.
Beginning Guide/Crafting
In this article, players will succeed in crafting items looted from monsters and or received from quests with certain materials.
Beginning Guide/Dungeons
In this article, the wiki will cover all the dungeons in the game and how to clear them.
Beginning Guide/Terms
In this article, players will visit and understand terms of certain guides.
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