Grand Bishop Belenus is the head of the Central Church of Navea. He can be found within the Great Audience Chamber located with in Navea where he assigns quests and holds meetings for important dignitaries worldwide.

He is known to be very compasionate and kind, a characteristic with which he received great praise from ordinary citizens and templars alike. He is also known for his potent holy power which is many times more powerful than priests and priestess from around the world to even compare to. He is also seen as very wise partly because of his ability to forsee the future which he keeps to himself in deep secrecy unless needed be revealed.

Campaign Edit

Shadow Knight Surprise attack on Audience Chamber Edit

After reporting about what happened at Demarech Mines, Reinhardt ambushes them by making a direct assault to the Audience Chamber. Reinhardt blames Belenus for not giving him medicine that can cure everything and because of that Luciana is dead. He also lament that if Belenus gave that medicine, this tragedy will not happened. He then summons a Pandemonium Monster and Andre arrives to reinforce the defenses however Reinhardt escapes before Andre gave chase. When Pandemonium on its last stand it bursts power where the power took out half of the Imperial Guardsman and Envoy shield the attack quickly. With Belenus aid, the Pandemonium monster is defeated and he hold a funeral with high commendation to those who fall during the assault.

Chose Imma as successor and decision to stay behind Edit

He choose to remain behind when he decide to stay behind to prevent demons from coming out from Hell Rift which was opened by Reinhardt prior to his final battle with the Envoy of Gaia. Unbeknownst of him, Von was also plotting the same way to make a more stable Pandemonium Rift to Terra. Grand Bishop Belenus was suceeded by Bishop Imma as Grand Bishop of Navea, Envoy can teleport back to where Grand Bishop Belenus is and because of his decision he cannot return to Navea permanently as he choose Imma as his successor.

Last stand and death Edit

When the news reaches Grand Bishop Imma and the templars, Imma quickly issues all soldiers to withdraw and muster their forces on Wrathborne Temple. When the sealing ritual started, all templars and the Envoy are engaging Delfonia's Lieutenants but in the process of destroying the Hell Rift a Demon's hand manage to grip him but Isai manage to intercept it however a dark light pierces his body and he fell down.

Delfonia then appears and her Lieutenants are regrouping back at her, telling that this is her gift for them and this is just the beginning. Belenus was later buried in the same room where he make his last stand and the place was later purified and his tomb was later named as Valhalla.

Envoy can still talk to Belenus that hides behind the banner of Navea Church that has Grand Bishop seat on it where his spirit remains there.

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