Blessing of the Winds
Cooldown              60.0s
Attack Skill Damage: XXX
Call upon the favor of the Winds to rejuvenate yourself and guide your bow.
UpIcon Every attack has a 30% chance to hit twice
UpIcon Rangers will take 10% less damage and get a 10% bonus to Move SPD
Cooldown 25.0 secs


Blessingofthewinds-skillicon Blessing of the WindsCooldown 60 seconds GCDIcon 1.4 seconds
Target Self
Weapon Type Battle Bow
Level Level 8 (Main)
Level 44 (Sub)
Skill Amplifier -
Range -
Effect UpIcon Increases the caster's damage by a flat amount.
UpIcon Every attack has a 30% chance to proc a Zeal-like effect.
UpIcon Ranger main classes will get -10% DR and 10% movement speed.


Primary Triple ShotFrost ArrowDimensional ShotBlessing of the WindsCorrosive ShotArrow of LightHail of ArrowsBurst of Speed
Weapon Mastery Left Demonic Snipe
Right Prismatic Punishment
Combo Guardian Meteoric ArrowThe Sky is FallingOath of the Forest
Bard Supersonic ArrowDomineering ThunderPrecise Combo
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