Cooldown              4.0s
Attack Skill Damage: XXX
Launch yourself forward in a blindingly quick and lethal dash that leaves your opponent stunned. This skill generates one Sky Charge.
DownIcon Stun target
Cooldown 2.5 secs

SkyChargeIcon Gain an additional Sky Charge for 20 secs. Stacks up to 3 times.
SkyChargeIcon Chance to generate 1 additional Sky Charge


Blitz-skillicon BlitzCooldown 4 seconds GCDIcon 0.6 seconds Physical
Target Enemy
Weapon Type Katar
Level Level 1 (Main)
Level 40 (Sub)
Skill Amplifier 130%
Range Single Range 20m
Effect DownIcon Decreases target's DEF by a flat amount. Lasts 10 seconds.
SkyChargeIcon Gain an additional Sky Charge for 20 seconds when casted. The effect can stack up to 3 times. Also, there's a chance to another Sky Charge.


Primary Swift StrikeBlitzInner StrengthElectrocutionLotus StrikeSparks and FlamesShadow StrikeMeridian Activation
Weapon Mastery Left Frantic Strike
Right Whirlwind Kick
Combo Ravager Light BlastShadow SpinHundred Blades
Gunslinger Frozen SalvoFlaming LauncherAcrobatic Flurry
Ronin Gale ComboMidnight Cherry BlossomsCrescent Assault
Holy Sword Ecstatic BladesArmor SmasherShadow Counter
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