• StormSurge95

    Whelp...we have a new patch!! New maps, new dungeons, new gear, new food, new mats, "new" eido...phew...lots of new. o3o we go! Original patch notes can be found here. Fair warning: The original patch notes are missing a LOT of information; and, while it's not necessarily information that is needed, I'd like it to be there. So, for my blog post here, I am going to add the information as soon as I can (because it's still missing here x.x; sorry).

    The new level cap is now Lv. 95, and the new required get the "??" displayed instead of your actual level is now Lv. 86. Not a whole lot new here...except that with a new level cap comes new maps, new dungeons, and (obviously) new quests! Finishing the Lv83. Sacred Sword Story quest w…

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  • Kyara39

    Entry for the Tyr's Romantic Story event. The 200 word limit was killing me lol.


    “Hey Ayako… you’re not here to bite my arm again right?”

    “Of course not! Not today, at least,” Ayako said sheepishly. “But anyway, guess what Diao Chan gave me?”

    Tyr shook his head. Since it was Ayako he was dealing with, he couldn’t possibly decline. Besides, it was probably something food-related, knowing the glutton.

    And right he was. On the front of the box she held out, the package seemed to depict some sort of snack. Sticks coated in chocolate, he assumed, and in large, bold text “Gaia’s Pocky” was written.

    “Is it a new snack?” he asked.

    “Yup! Diao Chan said that today you have to celebrate by sharing it with your friend!”

    “Well, that sounds nice. Why don…

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  • StormSurge95

    Feb. 2017 Patch~!!

    February 15, 2017 by StormSurge95

    New patch with lots of great stuff in it~ For those of you that want to see it, original patch notes can be found here. For those of you that don't want to click a link, here we go~

    So, we have a new loli eido named Lumikki, her original name (translated) was "Snow White" and she (obviously) has a focus on the Ice element.
    Her Star Buffs consist of:

    • 1-Star: 8% DMG
    • 2-Star: 25% Attack Speed
    • 3-Star: 16% DMG
    • Total: 24% DMG & 25% Attack Speed

    Uriel's 3-Star Form has been released!!
    Nothing particularly special here aside from the new form...but he looks awesome so there's that~

    We now have the Otherworld: Twilight Forest Dungeon, which is (obviously) an Otherworld version of the level 75 dungeon, Twilight Forest. Inside this dungeon, it is possible to obta…

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  • Kyara39

    Another month, another producer letter. Apologies that we haven't posted the previous ones, but here it is! As usual, here's the official statement.

    Not much this month, but here's a TL DR anyway:

    • The restart bug on world bosses is being worked on, but may take a while.
    • They're still working on the PvP Level Brackets.
    • The wedding system (aka Guardian Knight Lv6+) has been released (you can read the details on it here).
    • Ticket support has now been improved, but expect some delayment as they're just getting back on their feet.
    • Dragon Mounts can now be obtained from Dragon Mount Mystery Boxes in the Webmall.
    • The team is expecting a new team challenge from us! Go to the official statement to suggest a challenge if you want. You can watch last month's challen…
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  • StormSurge95

    January 2017 Patch!!

    January 12, 2017 by StormSurge95

    Whoop whoop!! First patch of the new year!!
    Anywho...original patch notes are here. But, for those that don't feel like following a link, here we go~!

    • When Guardian Knights are level 6, they gain access to the marriage feature.
    • While in party with your Guardian Knight, visit Literally everything on this blog post was copied from the forum post linked. All credit for information goes to Aeria and/or X-Legends, and credit for the formatting goes to GM_Mechium.
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  • Hefion00

    So after quite a long break i returned to Aurakingdom and i am quite surprised in its growth and activity, PEOPLE ACTUALLY TALK! 

    Classes also have been revamped and changed like wow guardian is so hard to kill now xD, New classes are quite interesting as well.

    I will update this blog as i go!

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  • Kyara39

    29th November 2016 Patch!

    December 2, 2016 by Kyara39

    Late to the party, I know, but here's the patch! As always, here's the official statement.

    Muse has officially been added to the game! For more info of her, refer to her page.

    Here's her skill effects:

    • Amplified Assault: Stuns Target; duration 4 sec; cooldown 8 sec
    • Danceable Distraction: Target can't be healed; duration 8 sec; cooldown 9.9 sec
    • Glorious March: Party members recover HP by 8% of DMG received; duration 8 sec; cooldown 29.8 sec

    Bealdor 3-star is out! You can see it on the wiki page.

    Like GM_Mechium said, fangirling is allowed~

    It's that time of the year, right? Go and find two new Lv25. daily events! Both are located in Crescent Hill (X:719, Y:494) and you can get a Christmas Tree to put in your House!

    What's better to get into Christma…

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  • Kyara39

    November 2016 Patch!

    November 10, 2016 by Kyara39

    New patch got released yesterday! Like most patches, there are a bunch of new content! Here's the link to the official patch notes.

    Previously known as Freyja, Harmonia is now officially released in the game! Head over to her page for more info.

    • After reaching Level 80, players will receive a quest [Lv. 80 Time Library] which will take them to the new instance, home to Eternia.
    • Watch out! This dungeon’s difficult!
    • 1 entry every 24 hours, starting at 6am
    • 6 Stages, each with greater stat reduction upon players.
    • After completion, players have a chance to receive a LV.80 Gold Attack Mastery book, a Lv.80 *Unidentified Skill Mastery Book, or a third item, which you can collect enough of to obtain a Lv.80 Gold Skill Mastery with 20000 dragon points.
    • Yo…

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  • Kyara39

    Producer Letter November 2016

    November 10, 2016 by Kyara39

    Producer Letter was released not too long ago! Check it out hereeeeeeeeeeeee!

    If you're lazy to read it all, here's a TL DR:

    • They're working on balancing the new world bosses in both rewards and fun. Might take a while tho.
    • Vote your Eidolon promotion is retiring for now. Whether or not it'll get revamped, return or be gone for good is a discussion in Aeria's side.
    • There are currently some technical issues with the ticketing system, but they're working on it. There may be a delay when receiving an answer tho.
    • AKUS has a discord channel!
    • Dante was released exclusively for Halloween. For now he's unavailable.
    • When the team revealed themselves to us, they wanted challenges. Head over to the official link to suggest!
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  • Kyara39

    Official US Discord Channel

    November 7, 2016 by Kyara39

    AKUS official Discord channel! You can join it to contact GMs or GSs and ask them questions.

    Have fun!

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  • StormSurge95

    October 2016 Patch!!

    October 12, 2016 by StormSurge95

    Wooh!! New patch!!

    Okay so...we have LOTS of new stuff added in this patch (although not quite as much as some previous or future patches I'm sure), along with a few fixed bugs, and a few more NEW bugs that we now have to worry about. x.x; Anywho...original patch notes can be found here. Now, I will go ahead and explain them in case you're too lazy to click the link~

    Don't forget to leave your feedback!

    Yupp. This is the Eidolon previously known as "Rhodri", he's finally accurately added to our game data, so if you've been saving his key since open beta, or if you ever wished for his key from a GM Wish (because he was available), you can now use it to actually acquire this new Eidolon.

    We now have the Hell and Solo (Hard Mode) (a.k.a: Solo Chall…

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  • Kyara39
    • New Eidolons and 3 star forms: probably Lucifer, Freya, Zashiki Warashi, Muse and Snow White and 3 star forms of Bealdor and Cesela (according to this I think).
    • Marriage System (i.e. expansion of the Guardian Knight): check here for some details.
    • More Housing Features.
    • New ways to customize character.
    • More special quests and events.
    • Eternia's Library: check here for some details.
    • New Gaia Chronicles.
    • Gaia's Sanctuary Hell Modes.
    • Envoy's Path Revamp: see here for details.
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  • Kyara39

    Meet the Aeria team!

    October 2, 2016 by Kyara39

    Here's the official statement. I find it quite nice to see them do something like this.

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  • StormSurge95

    Okay the title says, there will be a scheduled maintenance on Monday, September 19th, starting at 11:00pm (server time, EST, is assumed), and lasting for about 8 hours (could be more, could be less). This is for a system upgrade where they will be switching the server to a cloud-based server. Original news post can be found here and more in-depth info can be found here. Apparently, the move to the cloud will make things cheaper and easier for Aeria to continue management of the server(s), and it should (hopefully) also either lessen, or completely end, the lag that we have to deal with on a constant basis. So's hoping!

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  • StormSurge95

    September 2016 Patch!

    September 8, 2016 by StormSurge95

    Wooh! We have a new patch! And this one's a doozy. o3o There are a few things included that have upset both current players, and have even upset players in the TW Server. In any case, here it goes! (original patch notes located here; and patch goes into effect Friday September 9th at 4:30am server time)

    Don't forget to post your feedback!

    Accessible to characters level 80 and above. All previous main quests must be completed in order to unlock these areas. Also, these maps feature new fishing, gathering, and archaeology locations, new main & hidden quests, new eavesdrop achievements, and new fishing equipment, new foods, and new achievements.
    Tanglevine Cascade
    - Archaeology: Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday
    - Fishing: Thursday/Sunday
    Sunhunter's Vale…

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  • Kyara39

    A forum event about designing your own shuriken was held about a month ago, and now the winners are here! If you wanna read the official statement, it was posted by GM_Mechium here.

    Anyway, these are the following winners:

    • 1st place: sol-estor. The winner wins a Void Crystal Shuriken and a Guardian Sprite of Gaia. Let's not forget that they will send his/her creation to X-Legend to see if they can make a real in-game weapon of it!
    • 2nd place: ValerianDan & velveteenscar. They will get a Crystal Shuriken and Guardian Sprite of Gaia each I presume.
    • 3rd place: none (I presume it's because there's two 2nd winners?)

    All other valid participants will receive Crystal Shuriken (3 days) and 500 Ruby Coins.

    Congratulation to all winners!

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  • Kyara39

    I know I'm late for the party, but as you may already know, there was a server rollback recently. The issue was about the 4th tier of the Love and Peace Rewards where people got 500,000 (!!) RC instead of the advertised 5,000 RC. So in order to not make the economy crash, they decided to do a rollback to the 26th August 03:00 US server time. This means all progress done after this time and before the maintenance will be lost.

    But do not fear! Those who bought the RC will be compensated back 5,000 RC in their item mall. And not only that, everyone will get a hefty bonus of 200% EXP, 100% drop rate and 50% gold drop for the next 7 days! (after the maintenance)

    If you don't see the bonuses on your buff bar, try changing channel. And if you have…

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  • Kyara39

    If you haven't voted yet, do it now! It's the moment of profit for RC sellers and the savior of fashionistas/gear progression so don't miss it out! The paragons will last for 6 days and change between 3 different tables, so I assume each PCP will last for 2 days.

    As the icing of the cake, 300 randomly selected players who filled the form will receive 600 Ruby Coins! Who knows? Maybe luck shines on your side?

    You can find the form here. The only requirement to vote is your account name (not email or in-game name) and then you're ready to go. So far, you'll be presented by 13 categories. They're mostly there for precision, and you HAVE to vote on 3 (10 on consumables) items on each category. Keep in mind that voting for one item multiple times…

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  • Kyara39

    PM Elbiolo mentioned things about the upcoming server virtualization on August Producer Letter. While they're at it, they decided to wipe inactive characters in order to reduce the data. The process will proceed in two steps:

    1. All characters that meet the criteria will become "hidden". The characters still exists but can't be seen and therefore aren't available. If you want to retrieve a hidden character, you must contact support and request the recovery until 1st September 2016. The characters of valid requests will be recovered after 7th September 2016.
    2. All hidden characters will be permanently deleted on 7th September 2016. A permanently deleted character cannot be recovered.

    So what are the criteria to deletion?

    • Characters who haven't logge…
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  • Kyara39

    July 2016 Patch Notes

    July 27, 2016 by Kyara39

    It's that time of the month, isn't it? Well, this time we finally got the highly anticipated Shinobi class! Of course, that's not everything; class rebalance, some new dungeon modes and other stuff have also been added.

    Here's the link to the original patch notes. Don't forget to give feedback!

    ShuriGOD-- I mean the new class Shinobi has now been released.

    • To make sure everyone can go swish-swish, an additional character slot will be released. However, if you have all available slots filled, you will either have to delete a character or buy a Character Slot Expansion.
    • Unlike the Necromancer we never got, Shinobi will be available to all players right off the bat; both as main and sub class.
    • When forging, it uses the same weapon core as all rang…

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  • Kyara39

    The other versions of AK has done some collaboration with various franchises (mostly anime) which are all exclusive to their server. So we'll probably never get them over here, but that doesn't stop me from sharing! This post is made to showcase costumes we're missing. For the Innocent World collaborations, click at the banner to go to their event page for specific details.

    If you find another cross-over costume that's not listed here, or want to help me complete this, leave a note on the comment section!

    Innocent World (Japanese):

    • Disgaea (WIP)
    • Re:Zero ✔ (also in TW/AKGoE)
    • Chaika - the Coffin Princess
    • Date a Live

    Fantasy Frontier (Chinese):

    • Fairy Tail (Erza, Natsu)
    • Bleach (Ichigo, Rukia)
    • Zombie Brother (XiaoFei)
    • Qin's Moon (S…

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  • Bermuda

    Patch notes June 2016

    June 24, 2016 by Bermuda

    Greetings, Envoys! Yesterday we received a new patch with plenty of updates (sorry, no Shuriken yet!). Below is the patch notes.

    Also, don't forget to give the patch some feedback.

    Frozen Ruins of Zahr-Kazaal
    Location: Silent Ice Field (600,260)
    Level 75+
    Party mode 5 players, entry recharges 1 entry every 6 hours
    After defeating the last boss, Diao Chan may spawn. Level 85 Gold Accessories and a brand new Secret Stone can also drop.
    Titan's Root
    Location: Rainmist Reach (650,670)
    Level 75+
    Solo and Party, 1 entry per 2 hours
    Cadilla Felwood
    Location: Emerald Marsh (110,500)
    Level 75+
    Solo and Party, 1 entry per 2 hours
    Both dungeons have the chance of spawning Uriel after defeating the last boss. Level 75 Gold Accessories, Unidentifi…

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  • Bermuda

    Greetings Envoys! We're almost halfway through 2016, and we're extremely excited to see the upcoming releases throughout the second half of the year. Are you ready for more Aura Kingdom action?

    I don't know about you, but I'm completely excited about the new class, the Shuriken!

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  • StormSurge95

    Whew! New Patch Notes!

    It's been a while, but we finally get new patch notes. AND they're before the patch! Only a few days before...but oh well. n.n This patch is scheduled to go live on the 4th of May! So this weeks maintenance will include the patch! If you'd like, the original patch notes can be viewed here.

    This dungeon follows the same concept as the 3 Dragon dungeons, and PP/TT, however it's for lvl75+, and it's in Wrathborne Temple. Also, there's a chance that Hansel & Gretel could spawn at the end if your party is lucky!

    This is basically another Gaia Sanctuary, however it unlocks at lvl75, and has different eidolons to defeat. The list of eidolons includes:

    • Bel-Chandra
    • Cesela
    • Hansel & Gretel
    • Amaterasu
    • Ghodroon
    • Vayu
    • Uriel
    • Kotonoha
    • Maja
    • Diao C…

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  • StormSurge95

    March 2016 Patch

    March 25, 2016 by StormSurge95

    Hello again, everybody! Seems we have another patch, and less than a month after the previous one! :o This one kinda snuck up on us, and we didn't really get any notice of it until AFTER the maintenance where it was implemented. >.> Congrats to Aeria for that one.

    But anyways! Here's some notes on what was included in the patch! Official Patch Notes here.

    We now have the adorable loli Alice available in-game!
    However, she's currently only available through the item mall by using a total of 10,000 to buy 10 of her key frags (1,000 each).
    Keep on the lookout for her in any tiered spender rewards or Mystery Boxes in the item mall!

    There is a new feature included in this patch called Gaia Chronicles. It works like many of the professions, except th…

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  • Kyara39

    Another story made in order to cure my writer's block. I got inspired writing it when looking through my folder of screenshots I took on an event held in potato salad.

    I actually have no idea how Ayako is as a character, so everything I've written here is what I've been able to piece together from different sources. You can also say it's a temporal headcanon until we get more info about her.

    When you start reading it, you'll notice how I'll refer Ayako as "it" instead of "she". You'll find the gist of it when reading through it. Also, this hasn't really been read through so I apologize for errors. Now, I hope you'll enjoy this non-nonsensical plot bunny of mine!

    "Wow! This place is incredible!" a sweet, childish voice piqued. With its curious…

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  • Yuka Ichinose

    Since I'm still waiting for my launcher to re-patch, or my mum to come downstairs and tell me to sleep because it's 2am, I thought I'd go back to this comedic drabble of mine. Have fun.

    Day One.

    So far, so good, Bealdor thought to himself as he ventured down the house with a likeness of a palace. For a young girl, Saskia truly has a knack for decorating, and praise an AI like him for appreciating such thing that many would assume is out of their program. The young god relaxed at the sight of sun light pouring in between the gaps of the window curtains, and he pulled them back for the only thing that could calm him more than anything else in the world: light. It was warm, bright, refreshing. Not to mention to fresh sea breeze and the lovely v…

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  • StormSurge95

    FEB 2016 PATCH!!

    February 21, 2016 by StormSurge95

    That's right! The Feb. 2016 patch notes are out! If you'd like, you can see them here (and the new weapons can be viewed here). However, I'm also gonna be putting the notes up on this blog post.

    The patch is currently scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 24. So let's hope it doesn't get delayed!

    The character level cap is being raised to 90 and the public level display of "??" will activate at level 76 instead of 71. Also, the level cap of Eidolons is being raised to 80.

    We're getting two new maps that become available after reaching level 75 and completing all of the main quests from Port Skandia and Candetonn Hill. They are called Viridian Steppe and Desolate Valley.

    This area includes new Main Quests, NPC conversations, Oddity quests, and Daily Qu…

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  • Kyara39

    notice me

    February 20, 2016 by Kyara39

    A very late Valentine's drabble I suddenly felt like writing. I got inspired when I thought back when my friend and I planned to become Guardian partners. Since I couldn't really capture the same fail moment in a fictional piece, I spiced it up with some cliché shoujo feels to make it easier to write.

    Also this is mostly an attempt to cure my writer's block, so I only wrote it for the sake of actually writing something, so I haven't double-checked or anything and just wrote it along it goes. This is why I hate sleep orz.

    If you find the references I dropped, I'll give you kudos!

    "P-Please... be my G-Guardian Knight!"

    This was it. The time I've waited so long for, right then in that very moment. Today was Valentine's Day, and before me, sitting…

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  • StormSurge95

    Hello everybody! o/ So...I'm aware that there has been almost ZERO news posts in over a year, so first and foremost I'd like to apologize for that. orz However, now that myself and Kyara are admins, I'm hoping that we can start doing more to keep everyone updated. n.n Also, while we haven't made any posts about them, we have done a pretty decent job of keeping the wiki itself updated with any and all new information that has come up (however, we're still working on it, so not everything is there. orz) But anyways...according to Aeria, we have TONS of new content is considered a rough translation and may be likely to change once officially released.

    • My apologies if any of this is confusing. x3 This is my first news post, so just bear with m…
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  • Yuka Ichinose

    Eidolon page Source Code

    September 16, 2015 by Yuka Ichinose




    Serena Endora Vermilion
    Fenrir Rhodri Nalani Maja Ghodroon
    Abraxas Cyril
    Hel Alucard Bealdor Diao Chan Uriel
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  • Yuka Ichinose
    • This is an entry for the Fall Fan Fiction Contest held by Aeria Games for Aura Kingdom players.
    • Characters appearing belows are my OCs. (Though they aren't my player characters.)
    • Kujou and Yuka, appearance and personality-wise, were based on Soma and Yuka respectively.
    • This was Graded 9 by

    A relaxing orange hue bathe Crescent Hill. A fond smile found its way to a male's lips, his eyes falling upon the sign of the beginning of fall. It had been a while since he last came here. Another gaze at the breathtaking view, and he caught sight of his long-time partner who had finished offering the basket of flowers to the Altar of the Sprites. Just like it always had been, her hair, golden blonde in color, fell perfectly down past her s…

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  • Kyara39


    September 4, 2015 by Kyara39

    This is my entry for the Fall Fan Fiction event. Mostly posting it here so my friend can read it. You know who you are!

    Standing on in front of the ascending stairs that led to the united city of culture and trade, I sighed over the miracle that led me this far. Autumn, my favorite season, displayed the perfection of my long-lived dream of entering Navea. The sight of the great walls enveloped by the spectrum of vermilion made me realize why religions were born here.

    Brushing against the tranquility, a gentle breeze stirred the silent leaves, setting them aflutter in the wind's whispering tone in the crisp, glowing evening. In the contrast between red and blue, the dry maple leaves set afoot longed for reincarnation of the heavens. If only…


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  • Yuka Ichinose

    I'm back in the game! Phew... I was buried under a heavy pile of blue prints and floor plans, plus a large buunch of projects. I never experienced staying awake for three straight days! 

    From now on, I'm officially lucky-unlucky. *cries* I work on my drop rate since the weapon mastery patch, and so far, its taking effect. Lucky, isn't it? Been fighting eidolons in my new guild too, Ivysaur. The thing is, I've only been getting eidolon fragments! ASDFGHJKL-

    So far:

    • 2 Aelius fragments
    • 1 Gigas fragment
    • 1 Kotonoha fragment
    • 5 Bel-chandra fragment
    • 1 Eligos fragment
    • 1 Sigrun key

    Unlucky... T_T


    Everybody loves Saskia's place.

    Although Envoy residential spaces are similar in appearance from the outside, it's all different once one dwells deep into …

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  • Yuka Ichinose

    Alucard had never seen a world so interesting. The land, the system, the inhabitants. just...

    The warm, gentle breeze brushed against the male's skin, as they soared the skies in a rather normal pace. After quite a long while of being a companion to this Wizard-Necromancer, he had learned of her preferences, especially during flight. Going too slow would cause her to intentionally tighten her arms around his neck, which was uncomfortable and a complete pain, while going too fast would make her scream into his ears and choke hiarm to his own death. Although, whenever he feels like it, he does pick on her for the sake of fun. Afterwards, she would forcefully disappear for a short while, and then return complaining about how she …

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  • Kyara39

    This was originally meant to be a prologue chapter for my Sky Tower chronicle, but since the data of the floors are scarce, I haven't been able to write properly. Wish there was a raid that actually let you read them without you missing a whole floor lol. Btw, I wrote this last year, so yeah. Don't expect too much of me.

    Enough about me, let's roll!

    It felt like this world wasn’t the world we know. Like a world outside our own world. It definitely was a strange feeling, but I could feel a spark of excitement grow inside me. This fantasy tale was undiscovered, and no living being had taken a step inside this tower for over one thousand years. To explore a story that no one knows is a huge accomplishment that would be written in the history bo…

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  • Yuka Ichinose

    ' Note: In this, Aura Kingdom Online is a VRMMO, with homing system.


    "Alu-chan! Get up, please!" Raika worked twice as hard as she used to, struggling to wake up the lazy eidolon lounging/napping on the couch. "We're going to see Ryuuko for a quest, remember?" How could this companion of hers be so forgetful? "Come on..." The Envoy pouted. "Ryuuko lives way down to the Prairie! I'm not walking myself down there!" Ugh, the pain of having your friends live on the other side of the land.

    The Eidolon, dubbed as Dragon Tyrant by the entirety of Azuria, comfortably sat on the furniture, legs and arms crossed, and his what-seemed-to-be officer cap covering his face. Every call from the Wizard would be answered by a small, uninterested groan. It w…

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  • Kyara39

    Since the recent news section is horribly outdated, I'll just link the future content for everyone to see. Click me! And of course, for everyone who wants to know the latest update in our server should keep an eye on the official forums.

    All credits goes to NyanNyanSensei for making the awesome content list.

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  • Bermuda

    Greetings, Envoys! According to the recent Facebook posts, new content should be coming in soon!

    First off, floors 16-20 of Sky Tower are coming soon! Be sure to try it out when it comes out.

    Secondly, the official Facebook page of Aura Kingdom updated their cover photo, which included the artwork of Ronin, or commonly referred to as Tachi. Speculating, this class should be released relatively soon. The Classes page on the official website also has Ronin listed.

    Also following another recent post on Facebook, Aura Kingdom is now available for download on Steam! If you have been having trouble downloading Aura Kingdom, now's your chance!

    With that being said, be sure to like the official Aura Kingdom Facebook page to get the latest updates firs…

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  • KeyCode

    Oh goodness...another blog, here it comes! After a very long time, a lot of Eidolons have been slowly appearing. Well, as expected or estimated that these would come, this blog is only a heads up. As mentioned in the official website of Aura Kingdom, a new Eidolon is joining the game! The name is Kaiser Zeta and it is really weird in my opinion. It will be released on May 8th, 2014, along with the content patch! (Very sorry, there is no banner and or image for this Eidolon).

    No description is known for this Eidolon yet... but if any player catches this Eidolon, be sure to give us a real and accurate description written in the Eidolon profile! Thanks so much for reading!

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  • KeyCode

    Really, really sorry for the inactive-ness! But now I am back!! HOORAY. Cheers. Applause. Celebration. Just kidding. But this post is like over a month LATE, but just read it so you know we have added plans for the "Scythe" class in the wiki.

    The twelfth class had already been announced on April 10th, 2014, in the TW Servers. The twelfth class is known to have a scythe weapon, which will be joining the "Magic" classes section for sure! Further information will be known when the beta opens for Aura Kingdom Online. New class weapon is not officially stated in English. Many people think it will be holding a scythe like the picture was shown... but the class's name would just be the hardest to guess. Some players call it the "Necromancer" class…

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  • KeyCode

    Greetings! I know it might be a little too late, but just so you know this was also posted on the official website at AGE. The below are some details that our wiki will have as new contributions!

    • Ranger class has been released (check it out!)
    • Lament of the Thunder Dragon King dungeon is available in Crescent Hill (X:895 Y:649).
    • Whirlpool Abyss dungeon has been added in Helonia Coast (X:371 Y:318). Nazrudin Key Fragments can be obtained here. It is open on Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
    • NPC Dyer in Helonia Coast (X:363 Y:273) has been added. He sells Fusion Formulas for Lv 65 yellow Nazrudin weapons.
    • Sky Tower levels 11-15 can be completed.
    • 50 vs 50 Centurion Battlefield has been added. It is open Monday through Friday at 4pm and 8pm EST…
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  • KeyCode

    New Eidolon: Vermillion

    March 10, 2014 by KeyCode

    Good greetings, Azurians! As mentioned in the official website of Aura Kingdom, a new Eidolon is joining the game! The name is Vermilion (although it was mentioned with two "l"s, it's actually one), meaning red. I know it was said on March 4th, but hope all of you can capture her:

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  • KeyCode

    New Eidolon: Endora

    February 15, 2014 by KeyCode

    Good greetings, Azurians! As mentioned in the official website of Aura Kingdom, a new Eidolon is joining the game! The name is Endora, hope it's not too late to announce... Here is the video of Endora:

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  • KeyCode

    Greetings! I know it might be a little too late, but just so you know this was also posted on the official website at AGE. The below are some details that our wiki will have as new contributions!

    • Paragon Table has been added and can be accessed by pressing the "i" key. Check out the guide.
    • Brawler class has been released.
    • The Sky Tower 40 person raid dungeon is now available.
    • Two new zones: Oblitus Wood and Star Sand Desert along with Ghostweep Cave and Ozymand Temple dungeons.
    • Four level 60 Otherworld dungeons: Alabastren Temple, Gydaie Glen, Miner's Steppe, Helonia Coast.
    • The Valentines event has been added. Speak to Astra and the cauldron next to her in Helonia Coast at X:352 Y:160.
    • The Lunar New Years event has been added. Speak to Erwin in H…
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  • KeyCode

    As it was announced in the official website of Aura Kingdom, new content are patching up for February 11th, 2014, and some great releases that are going to take place soon are from livestream:

    • 2/5 Preview: Sky Tower
    • 2/6 Preview: New Class: Brawler (Formerly known as the Katar)
    • 2/7 Preview: 2 New Maps + 4 New Dungeons
    • 2/8 Preview: Livestream with GMShock!
    • 2/10 Preview: Ranking System/Rewards, Fishing System, Valentines and Chinese New Year Events
    • 2/11 Preview: Patch Notes

    Some discussions about this new patch can be found at the Forums.

    Have you got some opinions such as Chinese New Year events being late instead of last week?, the Katar class finally released in the game but the name was a shock?, new dungeons and maps that you are ready for?, goi…

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  • KeyCode

    New Eidolon: Serena

    February 1, 2014 by KeyCode

    Good greetings, Azurians! As mentioned in the official website of Aura Kingdom, a new Eidolon is joining the game! The name is Serena, hope it's not too late to announce... Here is the video of Serena:

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  • KeyCode

    The eleventh class had already been announced on January 28th, 2014, in the TW Servers. The eleventh class is known to have a katana or a Tachi, another close combat, melee class! Further information will be known when the beta opens for Aura Kingdom Online.

    New class weapon is not officially stated in English. Many people have referred it to as "Katana", "Samarai", "Tachi", etc.

    Watch the video below as a trailer for the 11th class and fast gameplay.

    Video= |-| Image=

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  • KeyCode

    New Server: Chimera

    January 11, 2014 by KeyCode

    It's good to see you all again, Envoys of Gaia (weird that I change terms all the time), Aeria Games has just announced that there will be a new server coming on January 10th, 2014 at 5:30 PM PST.

    Why is there a new server? Well, the answer is obvious: There are a lot of people who are packed into all the servers! Let's hope that the characters any of you create will not be filling up the third server once again! I only have 2 characters lol.

    Aside from explaining, let's hear the FAQs posted in Aeria Games Aura Kingdom:

    "Why are you opening another server?"

    As most of you already know, our current servers are really busy! While this is a great situation, we want to make sure that new players coming to the game will be able to get in easily and…

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  • KeyCode

    Hey, people! Aeria Games just announced that the game Aura Kingdom has officially launched on January 6th, 2013 at 6:00 PST, Pacific Time. Here are some of the cool things that posted:

    • Level cap increased to 75.
    • Content cap increased to 60. Note, there are some quests that have objectives in zones that are not yet released.
    • Three new zones: Demarech Mines, Triatio Highlands, and Candeo Marsh
    • New Dungeons: Miner's Steppe, Deep's Cavern, and Candeo Core
    • Fight Club has been added in Navea 520 303.
    • NPC Analisa and gear refining has been implemented in Navea 815 430.
    • Potions can be crafted in Navea 800 470.
    • Eleven additional dance moves have been added.
    • Quest dialogue with NPC Nate no longer displays Nate instead of the player characte…
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