Brawner Park

Brawner Park is in deperate need of help if they intend to have their Opening Ceremony on time! Head over there and help Mr. Hamon's assistant Doctor Crow, salve the issues they are having.

Completion Condition
Help move the Iron Armordillo Egg. 0/1
Capture the greedy Dizzy Thieving Rex. 0/1
Teach Ancient Panthera survival skills. 0/1
Help subdue the Giant Mountain Dragon. 0/1
Report to: <Brawner Park> Doctor Crow
Quest Reward
Varies based on player level0 Silver10 Tokens10 Guild EXP

Conversation[edit | edit source]

Accepting the Quest[edit | edit source]


This peculiar note is made of the tanned hide of an animal and marked with a large claw mark. The words, "A land of amazing curiosities - Brawner Park!" are written below the mark. It seems to amusement park advertisement?


"Ahh, that place looks like so much fun! I really want to visit it during my next vacation. I bet you'd love it, too!" Mirabelle smiles.
"This famous park belongs to a group of Makar. They do their best to breed and tame ancient creatures - both for conservation and educational purposes. The man behind it all is Principal Hamon; he cares deeply for all Gaia's creatures and hopes to share them with the world."
"The problem right now is that the park's opening ceremony is fast approaching, but the team's preparations are way behind schedule. There seems to be some kind of problem going on there."
"The park's head researcher, the talented Doctor Crow, is desperately seeking help so that they can meet the deadline."
"If you're also interested in seeing these amazing creatures, you should head over to Brawner Park to check things out." Mirabelle nods and looks hopeful that the park's opening will go smoothly - she really wants to go!

In Progress[edit | edit source]

Doctor Crow

"It's not easy to run such a huge park. But it's Mr. Hamon's dream to present these animals to the world. To do that, he's been putting forth a lot of effort to make sure the park is a perfect home for the animals." Doctor Crow looks very concerned.

Completing the Quest[edit | edit source]

Doctor Crow

"Thanks to your help, many of our most troublesome problems are solved!" Doctor Crow looks absolutely thrilled!
"We'll have our Opening Ceremony on time now, for sure!"
"Please come to visit us when we're open! Don't forget to bring your friends, too!"
"We will give you the warmest welcome possible - here at Brawner Park!" Doctor Crow reaches up to shake hands; you've really saved the day!

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