Brilliant Dragon Flash
Cooldown              6.0s
Attack Skill Damage: XXX
Leap high in the air to slash at your targets from the sky like a dragon diving for a kill, burning enemies within the skill's range and stunning them.
DownIcon Stun target
Cooldown 3.0 secs

SoulIcon Increase Souls by 10. Can be enhanced by "Soul Blade".


Brilliantdragonflash-skillicon Brilliant Dragon FlashCooldown 6 seconds GCDIcon 0.9 seconds Fire
Target Enemy
Weapon Type Tachi
Level Level 18 (Main)
Level 49 (Sub)
Skill Amplifier 150%
Range Single Range 2m
AoE Range 5m
Effect DownIcon Stun target. Lasts 8 seconds.
SoulIcon Increase Souls by 10.


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