Cactakara Forest is a location in the world of Terra, located in South Midgard of Grazeus.

Background[edit | edit source]

Robot Competition

Cactakara Forest is home to the mechanics, the Dwarves. The Dwarves combine magic and mechanics to build massive robots for use of labor but also for battling. An annual robot competition takes place in the Competition Area. Montero won the previous competition but lost to the most recent competition to his rival, Augustus.

In ancient times, Dwarves resided in what is now Gydaie Glen. However, overcome by greed from the halo energy they were collecting to power up their robots, the robots became corrupted. Eventually, the Dwarves had to seal the energy away to prevent another event happening. But in recent times, several monsters were becoming infected with the halo energy and became aggressive.

Campaign[edit | edit source]

Main article: Cactakara Forest/Campaign

Places of interests[edit | edit source]

Regions[edit | edit source]

Brevis[edit | edit source]

Brevis is a town in Cactakara Forest, home to the mechanics, the Dwarves. Alain is the village chief. Brevis is located in the southern region of Cactakara Forest.

Shatterwall Hill[edit | edit source]

Shatterwall Hill is a region in the western part of Cactakara Forest. Large roaring waterfalls make up the area and is home to many crocodiles and beetles.

Competition Area[edit | edit source]

The Competition Area, located near Shatterwall Hill, is the arena used for the robot competition and it's the place where Augustus resides currently.

East City Ruins[edit | edit source]

The East City Ruins makes home to the Centaurs, led by Vhell. Halo grass are known to grow in these ruins.

Energizing Cabbage and Berry Bushes can be found growing in East City Ruins but Envoy cannot enter without teleporter or if Envoy uses the normal path Vhell will push Envoy back with his power.

Alba Shoal[edit | edit source]

Alba Shoal is located north of the Competition Area and runs to the end of Rarnor Falls. Goats and butterflies are found swarming the area.

Sour Fruit Trees are exclusive to Alba Shoal.

Rarnor Falls[edit | edit source]

Rarnor Falls is the damp part of Cactakara Forest, found in the northern part of the forest. The entrance to Gydaie Glen is found beyond the waterfall. Due to recent events, Sarpas swarm the area.

Ancient Brevis[edit | edit source]

Ancient Brevis is an abandoned village. Dean the Scientist is found experimenting on the area due to its high energy concentration. His experiment includes teleporting to other parts of the world, though only to travel into another parallel dimension.

NPCs[edit | edit source]


  • Collector Akers (X:660, Y:300)
  • Brevis Chief Alain (X:385, Y:100)
  • Craftsman Augustus (X:263, Y:440)
  • Mysterious Girl Caroline (X:520, Y:653)
  • Observer Fenrich (X:529, Y:415)
  • Collector Ivan (X:592, Y:195)
  • Hall Security Officer Lane (X:256, Y:452)
  • Seasoned Mechanic Old Tom (X:285, Y:171)
  • Assistant Craftsman Pierre (X:398, Y:192)
  • Machine Designer Renault (X:342, Y:174)
  • Energy Technician Saffron (X:346, Y:122)
  • Craftsman White Knuckle Montero (X:416, Y:183)


  • GrocerNPCicon.png Brevis' Experimental Chef Alanna (X:376, Y:172)
  • GrocerNPCicon.png Grocer Amos (X:299, Y:151)
  • ArmorNPCicon.png Armor Merchant Asala (X:324, Y:186)
  • GuardNPCicon.png Brevis Village Guard Buzz (X:378, Y:232)
  • SecretStoneNPCicon.png Secret Stone Merchant Domino (X:307, Y:179)
  • WarehouseNPCicon.png Vault Manager Eva (X:331, Y:171)
  • MerchantNPCicon.png Traveling Merchant Kalan (X:533, Y:419)
  • MerchantNPCicon.png Weapon Merchant Marth (X:310, Y:161)
  • GrocerNPCicon.png Brevis' Renowned Chef Seppy (X:384, Y:172)
  • PriestNPCicon.png Priest Traveling Priest (X:356, Y:204)


  • Albert and Shaw (X:358, Y:147)
  • Augustus Mk.VII (X:268, Y:437)
  • Kung Fu Master Bingham (X:120, Y:264)
  • Bulkam (X:339, Y:191)
  • Carl and Carlos (X:425, Y:172)
  • Danielle and Pam (X:380, Y:197)
  • Researcher Darwin (X:598, Y:516)
  • Inventor Dean the Scientist (X:251, Y:654)
  • Edison and Iman (X:365, Y:109)
  • Fat Man Paul (X:523, Y:413)
  • --  Injured Collector (X:277, Y:413)
  • Kristin and Reuben (X:281, Y:124)
  • Brevis Clerk Junior (X:357, Y:111)
  • Mary and Yasmin (X:239, Y:181)
  • Fame Quest Clerk Mirabelle (X:362, Y:203)
  • Fame Quests Mirabelle's Bulletin Board (X:363, Y:205)
  • <Robot> Montebrown Mk.V (X:414, Y:193)
  • Older Practitioner and Younger Practitioner (X:143, Y:211)
  • Observer Posey (X:518, Y:418)
  • Princess (X:178, Y:255)
  • Robot Prototype Pierre (X:404, Y:198)
  • Romeo and Juliet (X:629, Y:575)
  • Sneaky Villager (X:337, Y:128)
  • Stark (X:344, Y:154)
  • Ted and Legendary Craftsman (X:267, Y:393)
  • Dimensional Mage Virginia (X:376, Y:157)

Merchants[edit | edit source]

Service grocer.png Brevis' Renowned Chef
Brevis Mint Soda 352 Silver.png
Nectar Egg Juice 320 Silver.png
Giant Bear Refreshing Drink 288 Silver.png

Service grocer.png Brevis' Experimental Chef
Pan-Fried Mushroom and Vegetables 320 Silver.png
Spicy Grilled Lamb Rib 352 Silver.png
Dual Color Biscuit 288 Silver.png

Service grocer.png Anglers Anonymous Merchant
Legendary Fishing Bait Fortune Bag 50 Token.png
Dwarven Fishing Rod 250 Token.png
Dwarven Angler's Hat 150 Token.png
Dwarven Angler's Raincoat 150 Token.png
Dwarven Angler's Bracers 150 Token.png
Dwarven Angler's Sandals 150 Token.png
All fishing merchants sell the same standard equipment and bait. See Fishing#Equipment and bait

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Grass Sprout
Aggr Coord
31 Passive X:283, Y:249
Moss Crab
Aggr Coord
31 Hostile X:373, Y:298
Loner Mk.XI
<Runaway Robot>
Aggr Coord
31 Passive X:354, Y:305
Floppy-Eared Goat
Aggr Coord
32 Passive X:442, Y:295
Horned Goat
Aggr Coord
32 Hostile X:411, Y:261
Butterfly Fairy
Aggr Coord
33 Passive X:499, Y:442
Fanged Crocodile
Aggr Coord
33 Hostile X:435, Y:390
Leathery Crocodile
Aggr Coord
33 Hostile X:342, Y:376
Seeker L-Type
<Chaotic Robot>
Aggr Coord
33 Passive X:447, Y:451
Giant Woodbeast
Aggr Coord
34 Passive X:516, Y:198
Mountain Path Sprite
Aggr Coord
34 Passive X:490, Y:346
Tough Woodbeast
Aggr Coord
34 Passive X:625, Y:315
East City Guard
Aggr Coord
35 Hostile X:644, Y:100
East City Warrior
Aggr Coord
35 Hostile X:649, Y:181
Tall East City Guard
Aggr Coord
35 Hostile X:623, Y:095
Carnivorous Crocodile
Aggr Coord
36 Hostile X:216, Y:329
Ferocious Crocodile
Aggr Coord
36 Hostile X:133, Y:278
Herb Beetle
Aggr Coord
36 Passive X:145, Y:368
Destroyer G-800
<Rampaging Robot>
Aggr Coord
36 Hostile X:143, Y:254
East City Hunter
Aggr Coord
37 Hostile X:155, Y:434
Weakened Vhell
Aggr Coord
37 Hostile X:183, Y:490
Quest only: Lv37. Felling Vhell
Abandoned Robot Soldier
Aggr Coord
38 Hostile X:326, Y:512
Double Leaf Sprout
Aggr Coord
38 Passive X:368, Y:464
Ornery Goat
Aggr Coord
38 Passive X:445, Y:539
Thin-Legged Goat
Aggr Coord
38 Passive X:447, Y:615
Caroline's Eidolon
Aggr Coord
38 Hostile X:521, Y:656
Quest only: Lv38. It's Electric
Rainbow Butterfly Fairy
Aggr Coord
39 Passive X:537, Y:647
Wild Butterfly Fairy
Aggr Coord
39 Hostile X:609, Y:654
The Murderlator
<Robot of Destruction>
Aggr Coord
39 Hostile X:535, Y:612
Caustic Sarpa
Aggr Coord
40 Hostile X:518, Y:547
Giant Waterborne Woodbeast
Aggr Coord
40 Passive X:566, Y:488
Wild Sarpa
Aggr Coord
40 Hostile X:568, Y:564

Objects[edit | edit source]

Items[edit | edit source]

School of Fish[edit | edit source]

School of Fish icon.png
School of Fish
King Fish
School of Fish icon.png
<Ancient Witness>
Ancient Mandarin Fish
X:152, Y:705
Magic Fig
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Friday at 1 AM
Friday at 9 AM
Friday at 5 PM
Sunday 12 PM

Quests[edit | edit source]

See Cactakara Forest Quests

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Main article: Cactakara Forest/Achievements

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • An alternate route to enter Ancient Brevis exists for those who have trouble with entering through gliding. It can be accessed by running on the slope on the side of the entrance.
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