Card Duel is a feature that allows players to duel using cards, collecting cards, and duel to gain experience.

How to start with card duel:

  • Be level 60 or above.
  • Accept the "Card Battle" quest from the scroll.


  • When Battle Points reach to 0 you can not battle anymore
    • By waiting every 15 minutes you can gain 1 battle point.

How to start with card battle:

  • You must have 5 cards in your deck to be able to fight
    • You can duel with NPC or another player.

How to get card:

  • You can get basic cards by buying from NPC.
    • You can use Gold or Duel token to buy a card pack.
    • Duel token can be gained by dueling
  • There is a chance of getting a card by:
    • Dueling with an NPC
    • Fishing a King fishes
    • Linking an Eidolon

List of Duel Card: 

Main article: List of Cards

Card Duel Experience:

Players Experience:

  • Dueling with NPC or Players

Card Experience:

  • To level up your cards you need to feed them with other cards (similar to Secret Stone leveling). 
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