Card Duel is a feature that allows players to duel using cards, collecting cards, and duel to gain experience.

How to start with card duel:

  • Be level 60 or above.
  • Accept the "Card Battle" quest from the quest exclamation.


  • When Battle Points reach to 0 you can not battle anymore
    • By waiting every 15 minutes you can gain 1 battle point.

How to start with card battle:

  • You must have 5 cards in your deck to be able to fight
    • You can duel with NPC or another player.

How to get card:

  • You can get basic cards by buying from NPC.
    • You can use Gold or Duel token to buy a card pack.
    • Duel token can be gained by dueling
  • There is a chance of getting a card by:
    • Dueling with an NPC
    • Fishing a King fishes
    • Linking an Eidolon
    • Participate in Aura KIngdom Quiz by reaching more than 260 point to get a chest.

NPC's Daily Duel

On Veritos Praire, it is the homeland of the cards where Envoy will be challenged by Card Rangers. Do note that Card Rangers can battle Envoy in certain times but you can battle all Card Rangers in weekend but also in a certain time. Note that each Ranger have their own specialty so be careful and set your card decks right to defeat them.

List of Duel Card: 

Main article: List of Cards

Card Duel Experience:

Players Experience:

  • Dueling with NPC or Players

Card Experience:

  • To level up your cards you need to feed them with other cards (similar to Secret Stone leveling). 

The basic and common resources to gain Card Experience is to participate at Aura Kingdom Quiz and you must reach at least 260 points to obtain the chest that each chest contains 3 Fortune cards.

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