Carlos's Precision Strike
DuelistATK SPD 1.8 s
Cannot be traded.
Character Level 45 and above
Durability 100 / 100
DMG +11064
CRIT ++5%
CRIT +319
SPD +242
EVA +465
Slash Cut skill Damage +25%
Every attack has an 8% chance to call upon Carlos' Power, which increases CRIT by 1178 for 15 seconds.
Stoneupgrade No Secret Stones have been inlaid.
Fortification +9: ACC +2%
Fortification +15: CRIT +1%
Fortification +18: DMG +1%
EVA +1%
Fortification +20: DMG +2%
CRIT +2%
EVA +2%
ACC +4%
Fortification +25:
Fortification +30:
"A masterpiece made by Carlos, the Master Duelist, who has specialized in Dual Blades for many years."

Costs 1 Gold 42 Silver, Sell Price 104 Silver

Next BladeEdit


By salvaging


Base Item
Fusionformula Fusion Formula: Carlos's Precision Strike
Raw Material(s)
Dualblade65 Shining Daggers (0/1)
Qulunsfamilycrest Qulun's Family Crest (0/1)
Assassinseye Assassin's Eye (0/1)
Finished Item
Dualblade7 Carlos's Precision Strike


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