Caroline is an NPC and an Envoy of Gaia.

Background[edit | edit source]

During the events in Cactakara Forest, while the Envoy was searching for a mechanic to restore a broken mechanical device that is said to separate the Envoy and his Eidolon. Caroline had known of this device before the Envoy and searched for it. Upon fixing the device, with the help of Augustus, Caroline snatched it and ran off with it somewhere on Rarnor Falls. However, the Envoy bested her and her Eidolon after stunning her momentarily. Caroline revealed that she only wanted to get rid of her Eidolon as well, and the Envoy proudly uses the device on her, only to fail.

Caroline's Eidolon, Helakar

Caroline was later spotted in Star Sand Desert, who revealed that Helakar, the Sand Owl Bandit Leader, was actually her Eidolon. Caroline and Helakar were later found in Ozymand Temple with the Sand Gem. Using the Sand Gem, Helakar grew immense power and fought the Envoy. However, Helakar was defeated, and the Sand Gem turned against Caroline, who supposedly turned into dust.

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