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These tools can be used to increase the stats of specific types of items. They come in two types, one which can be used on weapons/armor that increases one stat while decreasing another, and one which can be used on accessories (ie: ring/necklace/cloak) that increases one stat without decreasing anything.

In order to use the tool on a specific piece of gear, that piece must have ALL stats that are being modified. For each type of transformation, the stat being increased is:

Strengthening: DMG
Sharpening: CRIT
Lightening: SPD
Reinforcing: Max HP
Stalwart Iron: DEF
Agile: EVA
Balancing: EVA

And for each type of tool, the stat that may be decreased is:

Spanner: Max HP
Hammer: DEF
Chisel: EVA
Grinding Wheel: CRIT
Iron Plate: DMG
Crowbar: No decrease
Cutter: No decrease
Iron: No decrease

Note: While trophies can be fortified in this way, the English version of the game does not currently have the transformation tools necessary to do so.

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