Classes are character jobs with unique abilities. Each class wields a unique weapon and different sets of skills. They can take on the role of melee, ranged, or magic types.

The game also allow players to choose a subclass when reaching level 40.



Main article: Guardian

"In the hands of a Guardian, armor and a shield are as much a weapon as a sword. These steel-clad strategists can withstand the mightiest of blows, keeping enemies busy while their team goes all-out."


Main article: Duelist

"Duelists shine brightest when launching an offensive against strong single foes. Their defense lies in their acrobatic evasion, and their ability to quickly unload a flurry of high damage makes them a powerful force."


Main article: Ravager

"Ravagers are known for their take-no-prisoners philosophy. They swing their gigantic axes in arcs so broad, and with impacts so powerful, that many of their strikes damage not only the target but surrounding foes as well."


Main article: Brawler

"Brawlers live for the thrill of close-range combat, their blades turning their arms into deadly weapons. With superhuman reactivity, they pile on heavy combos to lock down enemies. Darting and weaving in and out of the fight, Brawlers will carve up any foe who can't keep up blow for blow."


Main article: Ronin

"A Ronin uses blade skills and observation to destroy enemies in a flash by striking their weaknesses. The unique skill of the Ronin drains the souls of enemies and collects them in the blade. Souls stored in the Tachi can be released in battle, destroying all that stands in their way."

Holy Sword

Main article: Holy Sword (Class)

"Those who hold the Holy Sword should have strong convictions and a brave heart, and be able to show righteousness through sword fighting. They can transform their faith into Divine Energy in battle, and use the Holy Sword to punish all evil hindering their beliefs."



Main article: Wizard

"Attuned to the forces of nature, Wizards focus power in their elaborate staves to call upon elemental magics, often damaging several foes at once. Their access to a broad range of elements allows them to capitalize on enemies weaknesses."


Main article: Sorcerer

"Sorcerers draw their shadowy magics from ancient tomes and grimoires. Calling forth the spectral power sleeping within each page, they conjure up dark spells to raze and torment foes, leaving them weakened and vulnerable."


Main article: Bard

"Far from shy harpists, Bards dive into the thick of battle, making magic with their music. They can attack with potent sound waves, but can most often be found strumming rousing songs that heal or bolster their allies."


Main article: Reaper

"He who wields the scythe marshals unrivaled destructive power and ferocious attack speed. When the blade falls, heads will roll. He signs contract with minor devils, and summons them in battle. He is also versed in various kinds of powerful magic, which he uses to inflict heavy damage on the enemy."


Main article: Lancer

"A tremendous power sleeps within the Lance's mark. It is capable of harnessing the elemental powers of fire, ice, lightning, and darkness. Once awakened, these ancient powers will suppress all those who stand against the wielder."



Main article: Grenadier

"Grenadiers are known for their trademark weapons: massive cannons that convert magical energy into missiles and plasmic discharges. Not content to simply blow foes to smithereens, they also engineer turrets and other gadgets for support in battle."


Main article: Gunslinger

"With a pistol in each hand, Gunslingers bring enemies to their knees with a hail of bullets. Lacing their shots with magic and employing fiendish traps, their battle is a high-stakes game of keep-away, with victory the likely outcome."


Main article: Ranger

"Warbow turn to the bow, a noble time-tested weapon as deadly as it was in ages past. With their long-range assaults, Warbow can drop many foes before they get a chance to attack. The arrows they fire are not only as damaging as any blade, but a fine vehicle for enchantments as well."


Main article: Shinobi

"Shinobi are an ancient and mysterious group that live between the light and shadows. When good and evil are aligned, they will reappear to claim their rightful inheritance."


  • Other versions of Aura Kingdom does not divide roles as classes but rather weapons.
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