Aileen and an Envoy dressed as a Cook

Listen up. Anyone can cook. It's cooking well that is hard. But trust me, we'll make a top chief out of you yet!

Cooking is a profession that allows the player to create food and drinks. By consuming them, the player will benefit from significant stat increases for a limited amount of time, depending on the food or drink consumed.


The Cooking profession is run by the Cooking Association and Culinary Club in Navea. The former, which grants guidance of the profession, is run by Natalie, Rosalinda and Aileen, whereas the latter is run by Viya and Kokolo. Though they are treated as the same, there's a distinct difference between the two: the latter administrates customer requests.

Unlike other associations, the Cooking Association does not have a Chairman. The position is held vacant for Natalie's brother, who went missing before a legendary cooking competition. And thus was the Culinary Club created by Natalie and Rosalinda; to help other cooks achieve their dreams and keep them from harm. Natalie also commented how establishing the club was tiring, but also quite fun.



Example of ingredient

Before the player can cook, the player needs ingredients, which can be found all over the world in the wild. Once collected, right-click on it to check what materials the dish or drink needs. It may need additional ingredients, pre-made dishes sold by food or drink merchants, or multiple ingredients of the same type. Cooking also require a fee based on gold and silver.


Mixing interface



There are two methods of cooking: fusing and manual cooking. Fusing will result in an unidentified dish or drink, which the player has to right-click in order to get the real dish or drink. The quality is random-generated with ranging quality rates.

Manual cooking requires kitchen utilities, which can be bought from all food and drink merchants. The higher quality of the cooking tool, the better stat and effect it gives. The tool can be equipped in the profession tab in the Character Information (C) interface. Then, in order to manual cook, select the "Manual Cooking" button to start the mini-game.

Manual Cooking Interface

Manual cooking interface

First, a five-second countdown will initiate and show the incorrect ingredients. Then, the game will begin with a time limit, and ingredients will appear from the right side of the interface and move towards the left. The objective is to remove all incorrect ingredients that appears by left-clicking on it. Letting the wrong ingredient cross the red line will decrease the quality of the finished product, while letting the right ingredients go will increase the quality.

The cuisine rating is point-based and shown on the top of the interface. It indicates four point stages: green, orange, purple, and gold. The color corresponds with its quality, and the current food rating shown in the end will end up as the finished product. XP will be given afterwards based on the outcome. Additional rewards will also be given if the player scored full marks. Also, the dish or drink will also correspond the same level type as the kitchen utility used.

Aside from consumed, food and drinks can also be sold to Aileen for Cooking Tokens.

Recipe Enthusiast questsEdit

The Culinary Club administrates people's requests, which the player can accept by talking to the club's mascot, Kokolo. The player will be given a level choice, ranging between Lv.30 to Lv.75. When choosing one, the player will obtain a request letter located in their bag. Simply right-click to retrieve the order, and then right-click the Recipe Enthusiast scroll to obtain the quest.

These quests grants profession XP and Culinary Club stickers, both accordingly to the level of the quest. Also, if the player completes a series of quests from the same or several recipients, the player can also receive a personal thank-you note. If the player completes enough quests, the player will be eligible for a Proof of Thanks certificate from the whole Culinary Club.

The player can only accept five Recipe Enthusiast quests per day. This will be reset every day on the daily reset (06:00 EST). Note that Recipe Enthusiast quests and Gathering Nut quests are counted separately.

Profession LevelsEdit

Cooking Lv.
Lv.1 Trainee Cook
Base level.
Lv.2 Apprentice Cook
Decreases move SPD of Ingredients by 25.
Refining Level XP: 6000
Lv.3 Journeyman Cook
Move SPD +1%
Refining Level XP: 16800
Lv.4 Expert Cook
Prices in the profession (Cooking) store decrease by -2%
Refining Level XP: 67200
Lv.5 Artisan Cook
Additional Appearance Rate of Ingredients is increased by 50.
Refining Level XP: 144000
Lv.6 Master Cook
DMG +1536
Refining Level XP: 288000
Lv.7 Gran Master Cook
Quantity of correct ingredients is increased by 2.
Refining Level XP: 494000
Lv.8 Zen Master Cook
Prices in the profession (Cooking) store decrease by -3%
Refining Level XP: 782000
Lv.9 Epic Cook
Scores obtained for correct ingredients is increased by 1.
Refining Level XP: 1152000
Lv.10 Legendary Cook
ACC +3%
Refining Level XP: 1728000



Medal Name Criteria
Bronze Epicurean Medal
Epicurean Medal Complete achievement "Fry Cook".
Create 13 examples of Orange Quality Cuisine.
Bronze Profession Medal
Profession Medal Complete: achievement "Journeyman" to obtain.
Obtain Bronze Epicurean Medal, Bronze Archaeology Medal, and Bronze Angler Medal.

Medal Name Criteria
Silver Epicurean Medal
Epicurean Medal Complete achievement "Sous Chef" to obtain.
Create 13 examples of Purple Quality Cuisine.
Silver Profession Medal
Profession Medal Complete achievement "Artisan" to obtain.
Obtained Silver Epicurean Medal, Silver Archaeology Medal, and Silver Angler Medal.

Medal Name Criteria
Gold Epicurean Medal
Epicurean Medal Complete achievement "Culinary Master" to obtain.
Create 13 examples of Gold Quality Cuisine.
Gold Profession Medal
Profession Medal Complete achievement "Terra Master"
Obtain Gold Cuisine Medal, Gold Archaeology Medal and Gold Angler Medal.


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