Copper Shark King

R-Click to Open.
Cannot trade.
Character Level 40 and Above.
A bona fide Ocean Tyrant, the Copper Shark King.
King of the copper sharks, this huge fish is said to be able to swallow cattle whole.

Trade this frog with local Fishing Merchants for a Fortune Bag.
Cut open to find legendary fishing fusion materials and a small amount of EXP.
Right-Click to cut open the fish.
Hold Shift while you click to separate stacks of items.


King Fish
School of Fish icon
Port Skandia
(X: 825, Y: 343)
Prince Saury
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Tuesday at 1AM, 9AM, & 5PM; and Sundays at 1PM & 5PM.


Items that can be obtained by cutting open a Copper Shark King are:

Icon Name
Anglersgolddoubloon Angler's Gold Doubloon
Duelcard-darknessgold Duel Card: Copper Shark King
Material-coppersharkkingsteeth Copper Shark King's Teeth
Material-coppersharkkingsfin Copper Shark King's Fin
Fusionformula Fusion Formula: King Fisher
Fusionformula Fusion Formula: Great White Wetsuit
Transformtool-saw Strengthening Saw
Transformtool-cutter Balancing Cutter
Transformtool-enhancedsaw Enhanced Strengthening Saw
Transformtool-enhancedcutter Enhanced Balancing Cutter
MysteriousItem1 Mysterious Slime-covered Helmet
MysteriousItem1 Mysterious Slime-covered Armor
MysteriousItem2 Seaweed-covered Ancient Relic
Trophy-ancientmaskofthewindspirit Ancient Mask of the Wind Spirit
MonsterXPbook Monster XP Book (Non-Tradable) x15, x50, or x100
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