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Recently, prior to the adventurer entering Crescent Hill, the ceremonial vessels, the tome, and the crescent gem were stolen from the people. It was later recovered in the Mistwalker Tribe area, a camp site for the [[Gnomes]], and the gem from Odum Ryan, third prince of the [[Makar]]s, in Alabastren Temple. The village chief, thankful for recovering the sacred items, rewards the Envoy of Gaia the key to the Starlight Treasure Chest. When the treasure chest was opened, an ancient, broken machinery was found and needed repairs from the [[Dwarf|dwarves]] in [[Cactakara Forest]].
Recently, prior to the adventurer entering Crescent Hill, the ceremonial vessels, the tome, and the crescent gem were stolen from the people. It was later recovered in the Mistwalker Tribe area, a camp site for the [[Gnomes]], and the gem from Odum Ryan, third prince of the [[Makar]]s, in Alabastren Temple. The village chief, thankful for recovering the sacred items, rewards the Envoy of Gaia the key to the Starlight Treasure Chest. When the treasure chest was opened, an ancient, broken machinery was found and needed repairs from the [[Dwarf|dwarves]] in [[Cactakara Forest]].
== Campaign ==
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=== Arrival at Crescent Hill ===
After travelling Northwest from Helonia Coast, Envoy arrived at Crescent Hill and went to Omar prior to Madeline's request. Envoy explain the situation and want to borrow the Key of Starlight Treasure Chest. He was curious and suspicious how the Envoy know about it but right now he prioritize the yearly ceremony over anything else and outsider like Envoy will never understand. The ceremony was drawn close but the preparations is far from complete and he doesn't have time to hear Envoy's story. Knowing that he cannot co-operate with Envoy, best thing to do is to gather information around the village.
Looking for information, Envoy saw Sue, Maiden of the village sighing deeply. She seems so preoccupied with her worries that she hardly notice Envoy's approach. When Envoy heard some of her lamenting and decide to ask, she was surprised about it and she explain that she and the villagers are having troubles with yearly ceremony which was the main event on Lunarin Village. She doesn't know what to do right now as she cannot collect all flowers in time for ceremony. Envoy ask why and she know that Envoy is not a local and she answer that the wildlife around village has been aggressive and several villagers has been injured in the process. When she want to pick flowers, the Lunar Flower Dryads attack her in minutes and she don't know how she was be able to prepare ceremony if those Dryad keep try to bite her legs. She advise Envoy to be careful when going out but Envoy decide to aid them so Envoy can get a better way to get Key of Starlight Treasure Chest.
=== Information about Crescent Ceremony ===
Envoy set out to drive the Dryad back and after clearing them out from flower fields and reporting to Sue, she was surprised that Envoy was not a mere tourist, she doesn't know that Envoy is a real warrior. She ask that if Envoy come from Helonia Coast since she haven't visited there in a while. She told Envoy with honest that she plan to study abroad but so much has happened recently that causes her to not sure what she is going to do. Right now, all she hope right now is the ceremony went off without a hitch.
The Crescent Ceremony is the most well known annual event and the day is almost come but the preparation was a total mess. Recently, the Village is being attacked and Anthony, her grandpa is busy fixing all the facility and equipment that were damaged in the attack. Meanwhile, her mother powering ahead full-bore to ensure that the ceremony happens, in spite of recent misfortune. She feel that Envoy is strong and skilled and she would like Envoy to meet up with her parents and her grandpa to see how they are doing and she also want Envoy to ask how is the preparation going since he is in charge of all prep-work of ceremony. She ask why Envoy come to Crescent Hill if not to see the ceremony? Did Envoy need something from villagers? Maybe Halton can help since he is the grandson of the Village Chief.
When Envoy reach Nala, she really could use of Envoy's help and she told Envoy that Lunarin was well-known for it's wild and fragrant flowers. The flowers aside of providing it for Navea was used in large numbers on the ceremony itself. The Crescent Ceremony is a festival every year in which they are honor the heroes who have founded this town. In the ritual of blessings, they sing their praises and ask them to look after them for another year however recently the flower field has been infested by Flowertraps, making the gather seems impossible. As the day of ceremony approaches, she fear that they won't be fully prepared.
Envoy then went to Anthony to gather information and he tell Envoy that every year he already got head start because of the wodden structure for the Crescent Ceremony was complicated. He almost finished the preparation for the ceremony however few days ago a band of Gnomes from southwest raided the village and wreaking havoc on everything they hold dear. Gnomes destroyes several numbers of ceremonial items and even stole the ceremonial vessel.
Envoy then meet up with Halton, Omar's grandson. He first apologize because of his brusqueness since he is under a lot of pressure right now. The Crescent Ceremony is a beautiful event but these days, many people no longer value the tradition. Some even consider the ceremony more a yearly nuisance than a yearly blessing. Because the public no longer embraces the ceremony as once they did, Omar become more stubborn and franky, xenophobic. He claims that out of towners are bad influences. He heard about what Envoy want which is to borrow Starlight Treasure Key chest, Omar may not care for strangers but Halton will try to talk it out so at least he can let Envoy borrow the key.
Halton propose that if Envoy assist him in preparing the ceremony then he will also help Envoy to borrow the Key of Starlight Chest from Omar. Envoy accept his proposal and decide to help the villagers preparing the ceremony.
=== Ingredients needed for Ritual ===
Anthony heard this and he decide to give a task to Envoy to collect Lunar Grass that grows northwest of Lunarin. If Envoy grind it up, Envoy will get sticky paste that's almost like a glue. He often use it to patch up broken items and since rebuilding will takes more time, he want Envoy to collect the Lunar Grass and hand him Viscous Juice that Envoy ground it up. Envoy went to collect it and despite it was sticky because of the juice itself, Envoy manage to collect necessary numbers of Viscous Juice and hand it to Anthony. He fear that despite some of stuff are beyond repair, overall damage are fairly minor. With this paste, they can patch em good as new.
Nala told Envoy that birdrains has caused much problem recently as it become aggressive and if Envoy get close to it, they will swarm Envoy in a flock. They use plumage and flowers in the Ceremony decorations but if they can't get close to birdrains, they will never collect enough feathers. Sue told her that Envoy chased away the Flower Dryads and she doubt wrangling several Birdrains will be too rough for Envoy. Envoy will find those foolish fowl frolicking on the Northwest of Lunarin. Before Envoy go, Nala told Envoy to collect feathers that doesn't have any split ends as they want the very best for their ceremony. Envoy went to collect it and despite got some struggles because of the feathers are not good looking as it seems, Envoy manage to gather Shiny Feathers and hand it to Nala. She look satisfied with Envoy's work and she believe with Envoy's help, they can pull of the ceremony without any more complications. She will start weaving the feathers and flowers together with thin ropes. She hope that Halton was able to retrieve Ceremonial Vessel before the date of ceremony.
Anthony seems become more interested in Envoy and he want Envoy to challenge Potter but Envoy refuse as Envoy didn't want to hurt innocent villagers. Things do seem to break a lot when Envoy is around. Potter size Envoy up and he told Envoy that he must not be underestimated or Envoy will spend time a week with doctor putting Envoy back together. Envoy apologize to Potter and point to Eidolon, explaining that sometimes Eidolon acts on its own so a fight would be unpredictable. Rather than aborting it, he is ready to fight leaving Envoy no choice. Anthony will bet that Halton want to pay for this fight and Eidolon reccomends Envoy not to hurt him much which Envoy comply about it.
After defeating Potter in a spar, he feel rattled like sticks on a storm. Envoy apologize to potter hoping didn't give any lasting damage. Halton reassure Envoy that Potter will be alright since he always boxes with Birdrain for a morning warmup. He praises Envoy for the victory and he told Envoy that it was Anthony's idea for set up the challenge between Envoy and Potter and it seems he was impressed because of Envoy's feats despite he was worried earlier that Potter wouldn's take up a fight.
After several things, Potter goes off to discuss further with Omar and when he leave, Envoy ask what kind of problem until the village needs solving by someone stronger than Potter. He believe Sue has told Envoy but due to current situation because of the local fauna in on rampage, the ceremony can't be held and they haven't yet find the sources of problem. His main problem is Ceremonial Vessel that was stolen by Gnomes few days ago when they raid the village which is the key part of the Ceremony itself.
Crescent Hill is filled with energy and Ceremonial Vessels balanced the energy from the forest. After the ceremonial vessel was stolen, the resulting of imbalance power affects the forest's creatures. The unbalanced, pent up energy can morph into physical beings. Not only are these balls of pure energy ferocious themselves, they also affect the nearby animals. The flowertraps in the forest are the example of negative energy aggregations. Envoy ask how to resolve the situation and Halton want Envoy to collect Glands from flower beetles since getting rid of Flowertraps need preparations. They also need some Arcane Flowers to strengthen the fragrance of the glands, however it only blooms at where Lunarin is used to stand.
=== Wiping out the Flowertraps ===
Envoy collect the Glands and the Arcane Flower but Beebis are attraced by its smell so Envoy quickly hand it to Halton to prevent for being snatched just like at Bella's Orchard. Halton laughs that the smell was not strong right now and if he can infuse the pollen and apply heat, the smell will intensify. Moving on to the next step, after the glands of flower beetles have been processed, they can use distinct odor to draw out the most incredibly powerful King of Flowertraps. It can't be defeated however even Potter can't take it down, if Envoy want to take it down, it need to strip Flowertraps power first.
Unlike Flowertraps, Spirit Scale Dust has positive energy and if Envoy can tame the Sprites and get them to help Envoy, Envoy can weaken the power of the King of Flowertraps. It's quite difficult for normal people to approach them since they will just filt away when they approach the sprites. He believe that Envoy got some tricks up sleeve and Eidolon gave information that since Envoy can control Power of Gaia that flows through all living things so the Sprites will not notice Envoy. Envoy sighs and decide to help with best shot despite there are no guarantee for it. Halton then hands Envoy sealed bag and he want Envoy to weaken them first and then capture it and bring it back. Envoy captured one of the spirits and bring it back to Halton and the prepration is now completed. Now Envoy will just need to go to the Flower Field and defeat the King of Flowertraps.
Halton explains that even Envoy manage to capture a Sprite successfully, if they let it out, they will escape immediately while plucking one of Envoy's hair. Envoy ask why he take one of Envoy's hair and he explain with apology while putting Envoy's hair into the bag with capture sprite that there is a legend has it that if you want to calm the Sprite down, you must get it used to your scent. Despite it makes sense, though Envoy suddenly have wicked headache, Envoy ask how to use the Sprite to defeat Flowertrap King. Halton want Envoy to bring the Gland to the flowerfield and in the meantime the sprite will get used to Envoy's scent. He will send someone to meet with Envoy and aid Envoy to deal with Flowertraps. Before Envoy leaves, he want Envoy to take out the Flowertraps along the way otherwise when the time comes to deal with King of Flowertraps, Envoy have to deal with them as well.
Envoy then meet up with Jess and giving him the ingredients needed to him. He told Envoy that everyone in Lunarin is talking about you and he glad that he meet Envoy in a flesh despite worried that Envoy were a figment of their hopeful imagination. Only few people understand the real situation here and even Potter is no match for King of Flowertraps. He start opening bag containing Sprite and it escapes as soon as Jess open the bag. Envoy fear it might take off but when Envoy stick out hand, it moves over to Envoy. Jessie was impressed that the sprites bonded with Envoy now. He explain that with the help of the sprite, Envoy can weaken the negative energy coming from the King of Flowertraps while using Gland to lure him out. The King of Flowertraps hates the smell of Flower Beetle Glands but the Sprite loves it. He pulls out a match and light the Gland ablaze, Envoy takes it and immediately smell a stench similar to old headcheese but the sprite rocks back and forth happily since it love the scent.
He hope that Envoy can bring the King of Flowertrap down by doing as he said with luring him out with Gland and then defeat it. Hopefully they can bring good news to the chief. Once reach the destination, Envoy set it up and Andras, King of the Flowertraps are lured out with hatred because of the smell and Envoy quickly defeats him and return to the Village to report.
Instead of joy Envoy met, Omar was founr angry that he wonder who asked the outlander to do such dangerous task and what would they do if stranger got injured. He lament that Halton should know better while Anthony and Potter aren't thinking things through. When Envoy tap his shoulder, he was surprised and he want Envoy to stay and not go running off as it was not a tourist attaction since there are dangers everywhere. Envoy then explain the situation that the King of Flowertraps has been neutralized and point to the Sprite towards flower field. The Sprite seems sad to leave and moves off to Flower Field but look back over its shoulder at Envoy, a melancholy expression on Sprite's face. Despite Omar remain stoic, Envoy can see contented grin fills around. Despite he seems insincere, he can't hide smile from his face.
He feel unreasonable if he didn't lend the key to the Envoy despite manage to defeat King of Flowertraps. He want to give Envoy the key in one condition, retrieve the Ceremonial Vessel so they can complete the Ceremony. He then want Envoy to go to Anthony to see if he can bring a container large enough for a human to fit inside it. It maybe odd but it's part of his plan. When Envoy gets to Anthony, he already prepared it and usually the Large Urn was used to store water and the Urn should work perfectly. Eidolon seems frown why he can't just come out and ask Envoy some help and Envoy tell that the Village Chief is more likely embarrased and implore Eidolon to not ask such question in front of Chief which Eidolon understands it.
Returning to Omar, he wonder why the key is so important to Envoy and it has been passed down in the village for generations as no one knows what it unlocks. For further details, he already dispatch Potter to scout the area and he want Envoy to cause ruckus outside the Mistwalker tribe then Halton can hide inside the urn and infiltrating the camp. He convince Envoy that they just need Envoy to create a distraction then Halton will take advantage to find Ceremonial Vessels.
=== Tracking the Ceremonial Vessels and raid on Mistwalker Tribe ===
Omar wants Envoy to create a huge ruckus to distract Gnomes and reminding Envoy to put Large Urn near the gate and make sure the ruckus makes the Gnome Patroller unable to control it. After placing it, Envoy quickly hides and a tribal patrolmen passes by. The patrolmen try to push it away but can't and some patrolmen suspects that the urn may contain wines. Believe it was a wine, the patrolmen took it and bring it to Warehouse. Envoy then make a ruckus until it was not be able to sustained by patrolmen. Envoy then meet up with Potter that was stationed uphill that can see everything at the camp. Right now, he want Envoy to cause more chaos and while the Gnomes try to fend off the Envoy's assault, they will not set their sights on Halton.
For more ruckus, Potter want Envoy to strike down Tribal Elders and warriors, surely they will aim for Envoy if that happens. When Envoy succeded, Envoy withdraws quickly and the commotion has yet to calmed down a bit as Gnomes are setting up perimeter. During engagement against Elders, Envoy saw the robots but hopefully Halton can slip past through them unnoticed. Envoy then resumes the attack while Halton search for Ceremonial Vessel.
Halton then use his Electroreceptor to find the Ceremonial Vessel and Tome, slipping past through robot guards guarding the camp while the gnomes are combating the Envoy that launch the assault near the camp. The Electroreceptor stops at certain point after reading the sign of Ceremonial Vessel, Halton takes it unnoticedly by the robots and then proceed further. Ventured to the entrance of the camp, Halton quickly retrieve more of the stolen Ceremonial vessel and goes to the entrance where Potter is hiding in wait and Envoy continue battling the gnomes outside the camp.
Halton report of his findings and it seems some of the vessel are light and after both are withdrawing from the camp, Envoy also retreated to the rally point. Meeting up there, Potter discovered that the Ceremonial stones are missing. Halton explain that he met some robot stronger than he can expect and judging by the Gnome's mechanical abilities they are likely using the Ceremonial Stones to strengthen the automations. Potter want Halton to return to the village immediately with the vessels and he spotted several pages on the tome describing the worship ritual went missing and he won't leave until he get the pages and stones back. Envoy then goes to the village to defeat the robots and retrieve the Ceremonial Core.
After further retrieving it, Halton checks it and it seems the core is okay and need some recharge and then Envoy returned to Omar to report. Returning to the camp, Omar tells Envoy that the Crescent Ceremony was hold annualy at Alabastren Temple since ancient times Envoy was reccomended to go to the Bulletin Board before meeting up with Rosie in order to check the bulletin board and when Envoy gets there and checking it out, there are no such request as Envoy thought that Halton maybe forgot to post it out.
Halton was on the stroll when meeting with Envoy and getting asked why he haven't posted it and it turns out he already posted it few days ago and some adventurers already took it somehow. Envoy then proceed to the farm to meet up wth Rosie.
=== Finding who is behind the mess ===
Meeting with Rosie, Envoy quickly gave the Ceremonial Tome and the Seal Wax. Despite it takes time to decipher the tome while the Wax needs more time. Envoy was asked to collect the Soft Shell Powder from Heliotrope Beetle. Envoy then went to collect it and grind the shell into a Powder and after that, Envoy hands it over to her. Despite the powder is not well useful, at least with the letter condition it should be more than enough to recreate the seal and Envoy again was tasked to collect pure water from a river. If there any sign of impurity, the effect will turn back and bites on them and Envoy set off.
But before Envoy set off, Clark was in desperate of help so Envoy decide to help him. He want Envoy to takedown some Grassy beetle and the Eggs since they can reproduce in alarming rate. Despite Envoy manage to defeat some of the Eggs and the Beetle, the number is still large which envoy can't do anything more. Envoy then continue to collect water and giving a bucket full of water to Rosie. Returning to her, Rosie explain while mixing the powder with water and place the wax seal in it to recreate it.
Examining the tome, she want some Powder from Waterfront Fairies to suppress any curse since originally the Ceremonial Tome is one of Church's spell book. Envoy then proceed to collect the powder from the fairies and returns it to Rosie and while it's still on process. Envoy went to Clark to lend a hand as he just finished the pesticide that using natural ingredients to prevent bugs from coming in while also not ruining the environment and keep the church in good impression. Envoy then sprays it around the farm and when done, Clark explain that yearly ceremonial was held on Alabastren Temple since ancient times but since the Church close it down and the researchers are running investigation, the villagers decide to hold the Ceremony on Altar of the Moon. After getting information, Envoy went to Rosie to see the progress and it seems she has yet to done it. Rosie also ask why Envoy come to the village since outsiders are rare to come here and Envoy answer that they need the Starlight Treasure Key much to her curiousness.
Instead, Envoy was reccomended to go to the church to report of the situation while also meet with Anya that was stationed outside Navea much to Envoy's frustration why Envoy kept being led away from original goals, Even so, she reassure Envoy that Omar will be informed if she find something since she want to find out which page of the curse that has been torn apart while also waiting for the process to recreate the seal to be completed. Envoy then proceed to go to Navea but before that, meeting up with Anya.
=== Meeting with Anya, Templar Guard outside Navea. ===
When Envoy meet with [[Anya]] under Rosie's reccomendation, she quickly cut to the chase where she want Envoy to collect Flower Tendrils and Splendid Essence. Envoy curious about her intention but do as she says. After collecting the Flower Tendrils, Envoy again was tasked to collect Essence from Navea Birdrain much to Envoy's frustration. Even so, Envoy continue to collect the Condensed Essence and after had enough of ingredients, fusing it into Splendid Essence. Anya quickly snatch it over and start an incantation spell and the faint halo ring affects the Eidolon much to Envoy's surprise and yell at her to stop it but she reply with smile.
Her actions infuritate Envoy and her mention of Eidolon scares Envoy a bit. She apologize from being rude since whenever Church saw people that can control Eidolon, they have to know immediately which side that they are chosen for. If they already succumbed to the evil, she may have to defeat Envoy by herself. Envoy then reminded about Brian and Bloodthirsty Panther in the Port Skandia. Brian was incredibly dangerous and unpredictable so Envoy can understand why she is doing this.
She explain further that she used flower Tendrils to conduct a simple test on Envoy and she can confirm that Envoy doesn't pose any threat to the people at the moment. Envoy are eager to get rid of Eidolon, not wanting to become anything like Brian but when she says that Envoy is safe, somehow feel relieved. Since Rosie that Envoy manage to defeat King of the Flowertraps, she start to suspect that Envoy might be Envoy of Gaia which would explain the Eidolon. Envoy is so young yet haven't gone through rigorous training. That you came for the key fo the Starlight Treasure Chest and why Envoy want it says that Envoy haven't given in to the temptation of power yet.
The Splendid Essence that Envoy just collected was also used to test the purity of the Eidolon and the color of the essence changes depending on the spiritual state of those who collected it. That's how Grand Bishop judges Envoy. the word of Grand Bishop surprises Envoy and she explain that Grand Bishop want to see Envoy and she know that Envoy may have some question for Grand Bishop as well.
After some time at Navea, Envoy returns to Anya and when Envoy is about to report she cut it. She is not Envoy's superior so no need to report to her as Envoy is an Envoy of Gaia that Envoy got a job to do just like her but no matter what happens she want Envoy promise that Envoy won't lose themself. Envoy noticed it and she also noticed that Envoy took note of it. She then change the subject to the report where she got reports of unusual activity at the eastern ward and Envoy is back in time for investigation. Not long after Envoy left, there was a commotion in the east right where the church set up Boulder Keepers. The church once placed the Keepers inside Alabastren Temple as they were meant to keep people from entering however the guard become restless recently and she fear that something must have been happened inside the temple. She want Envoy to scout around the temple to find out and if her suspicions are correct, Envoy also need to make a trip on the Altar of the Moon as well.
Envoy scouts around temple and saw Gnomes and robots patrolling around and when checking the eastern regions, the guardians attack anyone who come nearby and when checking the Altar nothing was changed however the gem on the Altar is gone. Envoy report what they saw, Gnomes are swarming the temple and the Altar of the Moon is disurblingly abandoned. She never would have guessed that the gnomes would activate the defense mechanism. As Envoy report, the Altar of the Moon is empty and the Crescent Gem that was originally offered at the altar is crucial if they want to break the seal on Alabastren Temple. She suspect that Mistalker Tribe are planning to invade the temple and she have to make report to church immediately.
She want Envoy to get rid of the guards as they start to rebel and they are no longer of use of the church. She will notify the church about this. Envoy also feared that Gnomes may invade the ruins already as she is not to worried about that. What makes her worried is the Crescent Gem itself that if Envoy doesn't have it even without spell to break the seal, Envoy can't break the seal on the temple as both components are needed. She want Envoy first to eliminate the Alabastren Temple Guards then report about the situation to the Lunarin Village Chief and also ensure that the villagers stay away from the temple for the time being. After defeating the Guardian Golems, Envoy rushes back to the village and report to Omar about this.
On the Village, Rosie also already there while Omar was paniced that the Gem was also stolen. Rosie also added that the text that written on torn out pages of the stolen ceremonial temple containe a spell capable of opening the temple. She has recreated the seal and it turns out it is the totem of Veritos Praire Makar Tribe or known as Windwalker Makar Tribe. She suspect that Makar may have commanded the Gnomes to steal the ceremonial Tome, Cermonial Vessel and also Ceremonial Gem as they desperately want to get into Alabastren Temple.
Omar explain that the Key to the Starlight Treasure Chest is on the Altar of the Moon and without the Gem, he also unable to get the key as well. Even though the wax seal comes from Makar, they can't take any chances as they never met trouble here before and according to Makar tradition if you surrender to your enemy, you must wear his braided rope. If the Gnomes are really working for Makar they should have Makar colored braided ropes ties somewhere on their bodies. Go to the temple and take a look at the Mistwalkers that was around the temple then check it if they have any ropes.
=== Pursuing Windwalker Makar Tribe ===
When Envoy was about to set out, Anthony calls to Envoy and Envoy come over to him. He have an assistant that was specialized in machinery and since he is aware that Gnomes may set trap to keep the villagers away Envoy was reccomended to meet his assistant despite Envoy told him that he should wait for the Church Army itself since he know that the Army takes time to assemble and also Envoy want to retrieve the key as soon as possible. His assistant is smart but right now he was trapped at the temple so Envoy need to clear out Mistwalker Bandits before meeting with him.
Envoy then retrieve the braided ropes while also clearing some of the bandits to smoothen Anthony's assistance investigation and after retrieveing it, Envoy returns to the village and give Omar braided ropes. He guess that Makar is really in charge of this and he commend Rosie for her knowledge but the Makar involvement makes everything complicated now. Envoy also pass the word to Anthony that the bandits has been cleared out while he told that his assistance, Paolo sent word that many of invaders of the temple ruins are formidable foes. The Gnomes are clever, skilled and adept at the battle and if Envoy doesn't get rid of them first, it will be very difficult to take any ohter actions. When finish dealing with them, he want Envoy to meet up with Paolo, his assistant.
Envoy clear out the Gnome Invaders and when searching of Paolo, Envoy squinted to see a squat and shadowy figure coming towards Envoy. Envoy quickly realize it was Anthony's assistant, Paolo. He introduce himself as he left homeland to study at Lunarin and he bet that Envoy never see a dwarf before. Envoy want to answer but he quickly cut to the chase since he is in trouble now. One bash in the head and the plan will be toast. That's why Paolo want Envoy to handle the fighting while he run to do investigation. Envoy got the brawn and Paolo got a brain and together they can make a good team but Paolo sense something strange in the air of Alabastren Temple as he fear of.
He find the boxes around the Ruins and each of them are filled with brim of gunpowder. They have to deal with boxes or they will blow Alabastren Temple up high. Before Envoy arrived, he already prepared the bucket for Envoy and he want Envoy to pour the water on all of those boxes. He want to make sure Envoy will not get spotted otherwise they won't be happy when they saw it. Envoy quickly wash the tinderbox away but it's not easy as it looks as there are several gnomes stationed around the tinderbox and attracted when Envoy defuse it.
Next, he want Envoy to remove the power source that lies on the robot itself as he also wonder how they can move without Ceremonial Stones. They have to find the energy source as soon as possible otherwise the robots will make trouble in the future. He gave Envoy detector in order to investigate inside the ruins and Envoy must breakthrough their defenses while searching the sources of energy. After detecting the reading, Envoy returns to Paolo while he wonder how Gnomes are able to make powerful robots since technology of using natural energy to power robots are only possessed by the dwarves as he already experienced it at Cactakara Forest. When Envoy hand the energy reading, he notice that it was come from Alabastren Temple and no wonder the air around the Ruins seems to vibrate with something sinister.
He admit that the gnome are skilled as kindergartens with no comparison to the dwarves obviously. Envoy then was tasked to two missions, first is to deal with the robots since they have a chance to go rogue in the future and he give Envoy a device to paralyze the robots and then bring it down but Envoy also have to neutralize Engineers to prevent them to repair the robots. Another task is to retrieve some mechanical part since it was dwarves job to make robot with their technology since it will be a waste to leave it behind. Since Envoy got few knowledge, Envoy ask Paolo if he want to follow Envoy and collect parts while he's battling the Mainframe Soldiers. He's willing to go but since he got errands to do he can't come with Envoy despite he can pick it by his own later. While Envoy unleash the beast on those scrap, he need to investigate the depths of Alabastren Temple itself, figure to get some clues.
Despite Envoy succeded in neutralizing the Mechanical Soldiers, the energy feels unstable and it may still have some distances from town but if it keeps spreading there is no telling what happened next. The Drwarves are very accustomed to see the magic mixed with machinery but ever since he's been away from home for a long time he feel this powerful energy for the first time and it reminds him on the similar situation on his homeland. During his season, his village holds Robot Competition and in past years, it is always a big celebration same like on Lunarin. Envoy then hands the parts that Envoy manage to collect that next time he make something, he doesn't need to use much money for it and of course he didn't ask Envoy to destroy the robots only for coins since this is all about to stop Gnomes. Eidolon seems interested and he's panicked, telling that everyone need to save money.
He then give report what he find inside the ruins itself and he discovered a group of Makar deep within the Ruins and he eavesdrop their conversation. revealing that Makar have been lying to Gnomes that there are ancient mechanical technology inside Alabastren Temple. Envoy will need to defeat Makar provocateur fast so the Gnomes can disperse quickly. After defeating the Makar provocateur, Envoy report bag to Paolo and he see Gnome as in idiot since they focus all of their energy into one thing while wonder if anyone tell them not to put all of their eggs in one basket? He now realize that they don't have abilities to understand machines yet they attempt to build it anyway, blindly ambling toward impossible goals. They will never have the skill that Dwarves naturally possess but he was sure that Makar was quite organized since they are planning something despite none of those who are at the Ruins are appear to be their leaders. He determined the location of the page of the tomes itself, and the Mistwalker Chief has it, Envoy must retrieve it from Mistwalker Chief but expect heavy resistance. He also want Envoy to try to capture him in order to get the location of Makar Leader. After the Envoy weaken Elder enough, Envoy captures him and Paolo interrogates him while Envoy hands the pages to Paolo. The Elder grunts angrily and Paolo quickly cut to the chase where they can find Makar Leader and it seems the Elder itself doesn't know that disaster is looming when he answered that they just drove off the Makars. Paolo threatens him and he was afraid of his next intention, The Chief then reveals that the leader was Odum Ryan and he already break the seal of the temple, bringing the adjutant inside. Paolo ask in rage demanding to know what he is talking about and he realize that this is a major setback and he have to wait for Church's Army to arrive since this is no trivial matter. The Envoy try to calm him down but he explain that the Church may have reason to seal the temple down as something terrible likely dwell inside. he then want The Envoy to go to the Temple and takedown Odum and his adjutant.
=== Battle at Alabastren Temple ===
The Envoy then rushes into the temple but the defenses are far too heavy so Envoy fight through Mistwalker Patroller and Heavy Security Bot. Envoy then encoutners Taluda, Chieftain of Tribal Tribe. Envoy quickly defeats him and make way through into the temple where Envoy met Makar Sorcerer and Makar Bandits. Continuing breaking the battle lines, the Envoy meet Odum and quickly Envoy defeats him and he surrendered to the Envoy. He told Envoy that he come from Veritos Praire and he introduce himself as Odum Ryan, Third Prince of the Veritos Tribe. He want to know who is the name of the Envoy that defeat him and Envoy tell their name. After introducing themself, the Envoy ask why Odum want to get into the temple and he answer that the ancient texts describe a powerful energy sealed within the temple. He thought that he could use the energy to defeat his brothers.
He admit that it was a poor plan to be sure when even a young human like the Envoy can wield such amazing power, how could he expect an outsider face to compete with natural talent and pure strength? He never stood a chance against his brothers. The Envoy told him that Envoy come to the temple on behalf of Lunarin, asking him to leave the temple alone. Odum surprises that Envoy will let him go and as a sign of surrender, he will wear Envoy's braided rope and will no longer rely on outside forces to fortify his power as he must look inside instead. The Envoy was surprised, not knowing what to say and Odum explain that after Makar achieve victory, the loser wears victor's Braided Rope as a sign of surrender. The Envoy allow him to leave but he can't go yet since he discover at after he enter Alabastren Temple, the power inside there had seduced the others as well. In fact, the Church sealed the temple to prevent the energy from corrupting the innocent.
He was able to decipher the text inside the temple and it turns out long ago, a human entered the temple and seeking that power but once he obtained it, his body couldn't bear the burden. His story was somehow familiar to what happened on Brian and the Eidolon interrupts to express doubt while also telling the truth that an Envoy of Gaia invaded the temple long ago. He grew hungry for more and more power and in the end it consumed him and transformed into a monster. Even though the Grand Bishop and Anya assured that the Envoy are not in danger, Envoy fear that if Envoy don't get rid of Eidolon soon, it will devour Envoy's soul.
Odum admit it was his fault that he broke the church's seal and releasing that abomination and because of his carelessness, the Crescent Forest will suffer and he never intend for that to happen. The Envoy nodded to Odum, assuming him that before the Church Army arrives, Envoy will help Odum prevent the corrupted Envoy leaving the Alabastren Temple. Recalling something, he hand Envoy Crescent Gem and he also apologize for everything he have done. After they secure the temple, he want Envoy to return the Gem to Lunarin for him. On the way, Envoy can feel the temple shaking and it seems the seal will be broken soon and Envoy punch through Temple Guardian and Bat's defenses and arrived at the Hall where the seal is but it was too late as the seal was broken and Sonjuno, the ancient Envoy of Gaia emerges from it in a form of Pandemonium demon.
Odum arrives and together with Envoy they manage to kill Sonjuno and after seeing all of this, Odum realize that he shouldn't seek power and he claim Envoy as his master despite Envoy's refusal. Despite he already make some amends, at least he can lift his head high and leave the temple with pride to go on journey. Envoy then leaves the temple and return to the village to hand the Gem over to Omar.
=== Leading the Ceremony and New Mystery ===
Omar releived and joyed to see the Envoy return safely and not only that, he also glad that Envoy manage to defeat the corrupted power on the temple itself. He want to celebrate as Envoy may not from this village but as long as the Envoy remain respectful to the ancestors, Envoy will surely receive their blessing. He doesn't know what to thank to the Envoy with all Envoy had done to the village. He then offers Envoy to host the most important Ceremony in Lunarin and Envoy feel flattered that he offer the Envoy such position in the ceremony. it's too bad that The Envoy know nothing about it and more likely mess the important Lunarin tradition. Halton convinces Envoy to accept it since all The Envoy need to do is to take the Crescent Gem to the Altar of the Moon and with sincere heart, the gem's power will be released.
Sue then arrives to interrupt their chat since they need to bring Ceremonial Vessels and flowers to the Altar of the Moon. Halton then went ahead to the altar itself followed by Sue, she also want Envoy to come along since every villager is waiting for Envoy. After the ceremony ends, Omar will get the Envoy the key to open the Starlight Treasure Chest then he hands Envoy the Crescent Gem first to make it official so Envoy can host the Lunarin Ceremony.
The Envoy along with the villagers went to the Altar of the Moon to perform the ceremony and the people have gathered. When the ceremony is about to begin, Omar express his gratitude on front of the villagers and then Envoy place the gem into the altar as the gem releases its energy and Omar takes the key with him. He will also take the box so the Envoy can open it later while spending time to have fun with the villagers on the Altar. Omar leaves them while the Envoy joined the villagers in the ceremony. Drinking, dancing, all those joyous celebration are emitting happiness around the altar until the ceremony is over. Once its over, everyone returned to the village to take some rest while Envoy went to Omar to talk about the treasure chest itself.
He commend the Envoy for their work because not only this year happens but also went on smoothly. He already open the treasure itself and give Envoy what was inside of it before he change his mind. The Envoy then looks at Ancient Machinery that it's part is in disarray. The device looks quite damaged even so, Helonia has safeguarded the chest for a very long time and with the key hidden in the Altar of the moon. Whatever it is, it must be very important.
When he was younger, he once heard someone say that there was kind of ancient machine that can dispel spirits and he expect this is the devices. The Envoy then ask if there are any villagers that can repair this devices which Omar calls for Paolo and he came over. Omar hands the ancient device to him and Paolo examines it. After some examination, he conclude that the device was an ancient relic and Paolo doesn't know much about ancient craftmanship so Omar reccomend Envoy go to Brevis at Cactakara Forest to search for the dwarves that can fix it. Paolo also reccomend Envoy to come since right now it's their annual robot competition. Everyone will be very busy but the Envoy may lucky to find someone to help with that machine. Envoy was reccomended to go to Alain, chieftain of the village and tell him that the Envoy was friend of Paolo. Envoy then sets out to Cactakara Forest to find someone that can repair the ancient device.{{clr}}
==Places of interests==
==Places of interests==

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pintot Hill is a location in the world of Terra, located in South Midgard of Grazeus.


pintot Hill is blanketed by red maple leaves and fragrant flowers. The stunning beauty may have resulted in Crescent Hill as the birthplace of religions. The Lunarin village often prepares for a sacred ceremony of flowers.

The Crescent Ceremony is a festival held every year to honor the heroes who founded Lunarin. Formerly held in the Alabastren Temple before it was closed down, the ceremony takes place in the Altar of the Moon. In the Ritual of the Blessings, the residents sing their praises and ask them to look after the people for another year. A wooden structure is created for the ceremony, and people gather flowers from the flower fields. In the Altar of the Moon, the people use the ceremonial vessels that balances the energy of the forest. During the ritual, the people read from the ceremonial tome, a book of spells formerly belonging to the Church of Navea. However, in recent years, the people, specifically outsiders, have strayed from the tradition, thinking of the ceremony as more of a nuisance than a blessing.

Crescent Ceremony

The Crescent Ceremony, as it takes place in the Altar of the Moon

Recently, prior to the adventurer entering Crescent Hill, the ceremonial vessels, the tome, and the crescent gem were stolen from the people. It was later recovered in the Mistwalker Tribe area, a camp site for the Gnomes, and the gem from Odum Ryan, third prince of the Makars, in Alabastren Temple. The village chief, thankful for recovering the sacred items, rewards the Envoy of Gaia the key to the Starlight Treasure Chest. When the treasure chest was opened, an ancient, broken machinery was found and needed repairs from the dwarves in Cactakara Forest.


Main article: Crescent Hill/Campaign

Places of interests


Crescent Hill - Lunarin


Lunarin is a village located east of Crescent Hill. The village is run by the Lunarin Chief, Omar. Every year, the natives prepare for the Crescent Ceremony by gathering flowers from the nearby flower field and building a wooden structure.

Crescent Flower Field

Crescent Hill - Crescent Flower Field

Crescent Flower Field

Crescent Flower Field, located south of Lunarin, is a vast field of flowers. It is swarming with sprites. With the ceremonial vessels stolen from the people of Lunarin, the imbalance of power causes the flowers to morph into physical beings, the Flowertraps.

The entrance to the former village of Lunarin is found nearby.

Clark Farm

Crescent Hill - Clark Farm

Clark Farm

A farm situated in the center of Crescent Hill, Clark Farm produces many of the crops, dairy, and meat products for Lunarin. It is run by Clark. However, several beetles have swarmed outside of Clark Farm, stressing Clark into ridding the beetles to protect his farm.

Mistwalker Tribe

Crescent Hill - Mistwalker Tribe

Mistwalker Tribe

The Mistwalker Tribe is home to the Mistwalker Gnomes, located south of Clark Farm. The Mistwalkers have stolen the ceremonial vessels and the ceremonial tome and have hidden them in the camp.

Altar of the Moon

Crescent Hill - Altar of the Moon

Altar of the Moon

The Altar of the Moon, located west of Lunarin, is an altar containing a blue crystal, allowing several Eidolons to appear from time to time. The people of Lunarin come to the altar to celebrate the Crescent Ceremony, in which they read the ceremonial tome and make their blessings towards the altar.

Navea Outer District

Crescent Hill - Navea Outer District

Navea Outer District

The outer district of Navea is the gateway to the largest human city in Terra. Situated in the northwest of Crescent Hill, the area is subjected to large city walls that protect the city. Several birdbrains make their home near the water. Nearby is the entrance to Cactakara Forest.

The Temple of the Eidolons is located in the outer district, in which scientists have build a foundation to serve as the research facility for the summoning of the Eidolons.

Alabastren Temple Ruins

Crescent Hill - Alabastren Temple Ruins

Alabastren Temple Ruins

The ruins of Alabastren Temple is located north of Lunarin. In ancient times, the temple served as the area for the celebration of the Crescent Ceremony. However, it was later closed down by the Church and has been left in ruins. Within the temple lies an evil energy, which further explains the closure of the temple. Recently, the Makar and the Gnomes have patrolled the area, where the Makar prince has broken the seal to the temple in hopes of gaining the energy to defeat his brothers in battle.




  • Old Craftsman Anthony (X:772, Y:352)
  • Templar Anya (X:434, Y:709)
  • Farm Elder Clark (X:571, Y:364)
  • Young Man Halton (X:791, Y:366)
  • Jessie (X:705, Y:140)
  • Woman Nala (X:875, Y:366)
  • Lunarin Chief Omar (X:869, Y:361)
  • Assistant Craftsman Paolo (X:706, Y:591)
  • Foreman Potter (X:487, Y:209)
  • Scholar Rosie (X:597, Y:386)
  • Maiden Sue (X:768, Y:415)


  • GuardNPCicon Lunarin Village Guard Albert (X:755, Y:340)
  • MerchantNPCicon Traveling Merchant Angie (X:587, Y:624)
  • GrocerNPCicon Lunarin Chef Ann (X:786, Y:382)
  • SecretStoneNPCicon Secret Stone Merchant Atlas (X:772, Y:374)
  • WarehouseNPCicon Warehouse Manager Bernie (X:785, Y:340)
  • GrocerNPCicon Grocer Grayson (X:787, Y:403)
  • ArmorNPCicon Armor Merchant Linda (X:755, Y:354)
  • MerchantNPCicon Weapon Merchant Osman (X:766, Y:389)
  • GrocerNPCicon Lunarin Peddler Percy (X:790, Y:376)
  • PriestNPCicon Priest Traveling Priest (X:706, Y:416)


  • Missing Moonlight Rabbit Aimee (X:490, Y:442; X:507, Y:463)
  • Arnold and Joanne (X:782, Y:428)
  • Dimensional Mage Barthold (X:732, Y:479)
  • Cass and Holly (X:763, Y:339)
  • Eidolon Research Director (X:250, Y:545)
  • Prestigious Quests Fame Quest (X:710, Y:426)
  • Farmer and Farm Child (X:596, Y:368)
  • Gency and Maddy (X:637, Y:207)
  • Moonlight Rabbit Elder Immanuel (X:535, Y:579)
  • Jimmy, Millia, and Teacher (X:739, Y:457)
  • Kevin and Stall Girl (X:711, Y:414)
  • Winemaker McCain (X:725, Y:403)
  • Prestigious Quest Clerk Mirabelle (X:712, Y:427)
  • Pike and Sophie (X:828, Y:373)
  • Poet and Village Elder (X:841, Y:332)
  • Rancher Foreman and Ranchers (X:851, Y:391)
  • Romeo and Juliet (X:629, Y:091)
  • Moonlight Rabbit Tribe Salvador (X:535, Y:579)
  • Missing Moonlight Rabbit Shara (X:856, Y:298)
  • Prankster Sully (X:866, Y:331)
  • William (X:687, Y:105)


Service grocer Anglers Anonymous Merchant
Legendary Fishing Bait Fortune Bag 50 Token
Ceremonial Fishing Rod 250 Token
Ceremonial Fishing Hat 150 Token
Ceremonial Raincoat 150 Token
Ceremonial Bracers 150 Token
Ceremonial Sandals 150 Token
All fishing merchants sell the same standard equipment and bait. See Fishing#Equipment and bait


Aggr Coord
21 Passive X:667, Y:520
Colorful Birdbrain
Aggr Coord
21 Passive X:647, Y:571
Lunar Flower Dryad
Aggr Coord
21 Hostile X:667, Y:387
<Alluring Fragrance>
Aggr Coord
21 Passive X:649, Y:408
Crescent Sprite
Aggr Coord
22 Passive X:714, Y:198
Drunken Flower Beetle
Aggr Coord
22 Hostile X:696, Y:258
Flower Field Sprite
Aggr Coord
22 Passive X:655, Y:129
Evil Flowertrap
Aggr Coord
23 Hostile X:828, Y:177
Giant Flowertrap
Aggr Coord
23 Hostile X:758, Y:126
<The Glutton>
Aggr Coord
23 Hostile X:767, Y:114
Tribal Patrolman
Aggr Coord
24 Hostile X:401, Y:258
Aggr Coord
25 Hostile X:512, Y:156
Tribal Elder
Aggr Coord
25 Passive X:453, Y:135
Tribal Warrior
Aggr Coord
25 Hostile X:401, Y:186
<Grand Mistwalker Elder>
Aggr Coord
25 Hostile X:528, Y:104
Related quest:
Grassy Beetle
Aggr Coord
26 Hostile X:550, Y:438
Heliotrope Beetle
Aggr Coord
26 Hostile X:541, Y:294
<Deadly Poison>
Aggr Coord
26 Hostile X:593, Y:445
Altar Sprite
Aggr Coord
27 Passive X:532, Y:532
Forest Flowertrap
Aggr Coord
27 Hostile X:527, Y:646
Waterfront Sprite
Aggr Coord
27 Passive X:565, Y:574
Navea Birdbrain
Aggr Coord
28 Passive X:427, Y:790
Waterborne Birdbrain
Aggr Coord
28 Passive X:506, Y:724
Mistwalker Bandit
Aggr Coord
29 Hostile X:740, Y:661
Sealing Stone Golem
Aggr Coord
29 Hostile X:734, Y:742
White Stone Golem
Aggr Coord
29 Hostile X:617, Y:691
Mainframe Soldier
Aggr Coord
30 Hostile X:790, Y:652
<Troll Berserker>
Aggr Coord
29 Hostile X:824, Y:732
Mistwalker Engineer
Aggr Coord
30 Hostile X:819, Y:694
Mistwalker Invader
Aggr Coord
30 Hostile X:749, Y:622
Mysterious Provocateur
Aggr Coord
30 Hostile X:872, Y:688
Mistwalker Chief
Aggr Coord
30 Hostile X:880, Y:597
Related quest:
Aggr Coord
53 Hostile X:523, Y:797
Mordecai is a World Boss that respawns every 4 hours on Sunday, starting at 00:00 (12 AM) EST.



School of Fish

School of Fish icon
School of Fish
King Fish
School of Fish icon
<Golden Blossom>
Golden Petal Fish
X:462, Y:557
Golden Petal
Times are based on the server time (GMT -5)

Thursday at 1 AM
Thursday at 9 AM
Thursday at 5 PM


See Crescent Hill Quests


Main article: Crescent Hill/Achievements



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