Crescent Hill is a location in the world of Terra, located in South Midgard of Grazeus.


Crescent Hill is blanketed by red maple leaves and fragrant flowers. The stunning beauty may have resulted in Crescent Hill as the birthplace of religions. The Lunarin village often prepares for a sacred ceremony of flowers.

The Crescent Ceremony is a festival held every year to honor the heroes who founded Lunarin. Formerly held in the Alabastren Temple before it was closed down, the ceremony takes place in the Altar of the Moon. In the Ritual of the Blessings, the residents sing their praises and ask them to look after the people for another year. A wooden structure is created for the ceremony, and people gather flowers from the flower fields. In the Altar of the Moon, the people use the ceremonial vessels that balances the energy of the forest. During the ritual, the people read from the ceremonial tome, a book of spells formerly belonging to the Church of Navea. However, in recent years, the people, specifically outsiders, have strayed from the tradition, thinking of the ceremony as more of a nuisance than a blessing.

Crescent Ceremony

The Crescent Ceremony, as it takes place in the Altar of the Moon

Recently, prior to the adventurer entering Crescent Hill, the ceremonial vessels, the tome, and the crescent gem were stolen from the people. It was later recovered in the Mistwalker Tribe area, a camp site for the Gnomes, and the gem from Odum Ryan, third prince of the Makars, in Alabastren Temple. The village chief, thankful for recovering the sacred items, rewards the Envoy of Gaia the key to the Starlight Treasure Chest. When the treasure chest was opened, an ancient, broken machinery was found and needed repairs from the dwarves in Cactakara Forest.


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Places of interestsEdit


Crescent Hill - Lunarin


Lunarin is a village located east of Crescent Hill. The village is run by the Lunarin Chief, Omar. Every year, the natives prepare for the Crescent Ceremony by gathering flowers from the nearby flower field and building a wooden structure.

Crescent Flower FieldEdit

Crescent Hill - Crescent Flower Field

Crescent Flower Field

Crescent Flower Field, located south of Lunarin, is a vast field of flowers. It is swarming with sprites. With the ceremonial vessels stolen from the people of Lunarin, the imbalance of power causes the flowers to morph into physical beings, the Flowertraps.

The entrance to the former village of Lunarin is found nearby.

Clark FarmEdit

Crescent Hill - Clark Farm

Clark Farm

A farm situated in the center of Crescent Hill, Clark Farm produces many of the crops, dairy, and meat products for Lunarin. It is run by Clark. However, several beetles have swarmed outside of Clark Farm, stressing Clark into ridding the beetles to protect his farm.

Mistwalker TribeEdit

Crescent Hill - Mistwalker Tribe

Mistwalker Tribe

The Mistwalker Tribe is home to the Mistwalker Gnomes, located south of Clark Farm. The Mistwalkers have stolen the ceremonial vessels and the ceremonial tome and have hidden them in the camp.

Altar of the MoonEdit

Crescent Hill - Altar of the Moon

Altar of the Moon

The Altar of the Moon, located west of Lunarin, is an altar containing a blue crystal, allowing several Eidolons to appear from time to time. The people of Lunarin come to the altar to celebrate the Crescent Ceremony, in which they read the ceremonial tome and make their blessings towards the altar.

Navea Outer DistrictEdit

Crescent Hill - Navea Outer District

Navea Outer District

The outer district of Navea is the gateway to the largest human city in Terra. Situated in the northwest of Crescent Hill, the area is subjected to large city walls that protect the city. Several birdbrains make their home near the water. Nearby is the entrance to Cactakara Forest.

The Temple of the Eidolons is located in the outer district, in which scientists have build a foundation to serve as the research facility for the summoning of the Eidolons.

Alabastren Temple RuinsEdit

Crescent Hill - Alabastren Temple Ruins

Alabastren Temple Ruins

The ruins of Alabastren Temple is located north of Lunarin. In ancient times, the temple served as the area for the celebration of the Crescent Ceremony. However, it was later closed down by the Church and has been left in ruins. Within the temple lies an evil energy, which further explains the closure of the temple. Recently, the Makar and the Gnomes have patrolled the area, where the Makar prince has broken the seal to the temple in hopes of gaining the energy to defeat his brothers in battle.




  • Old Craftsman Anthony (X:772, Y:352)
  • Templar Anya (X:434, Y:709)
  • Farm Elder Clark (X:571, Y:364)
  • Young Man Halton (X:791, Y:366)
  • Jessie (X:705, Y:140)
  • Woman Nala (X:875, Y:366)
  • Lunarin Chief Omar (X:869, Y:361)
  • Assistant Craftsman Paolo (X:706, Y:591)
  • Foreman Potter (X:487, Y:209)
  • Scholar Rosie (X:597, Y:386)
  • Maiden Sue (X:768, Y:415)


  • GuardNPCicon Lunarin Village Guard Albert (X:755, Y:340)
  • MerchantNPCicon Traveling Merchant Angie (X:587, Y:624)
  • GrocerNPCicon Lunarin Chef Ann (X:786, Y:382)
  • SecretStoneNPCicon Secret Stone Merchant Atlas (X:772, Y:374)
  • WarehouseNPCicon Warehouse Manager Bernie (X:785, Y:340)
  • GrocerNPCicon Grocer Grayson (X:787, Y:403)
  • ArmorNPCicon Armor Merchant Linda (X:755, Y:354)
  • MerchantNPCicon Weapon Merchant Osman (X:766, Y:389)
  • GrocerNPCicon Lunarin Peddler Percy (X:790, Y:376)
  • PriestNPCicon Priest Traveling Priest (X:706, Y:416)


  • Missing Moonlight Rabbit Aimee (X:490, Y:442; X:507, Y:463)
  • Arnold and Joanne (X:782, Y:428)
  • Dimensional Mage Barthold (X:732, Y:479)
  • Cass and Holly (X:763, Y:339)
  • Eidolon Research Director (X:250, Y:545)
  • Prestigious Quests Fame Quest (X:710, Y:426)
  • Farmer and Farm Child (X:596, Y:368)
  • Gency and Maddy (X:637, Y:207)
  • Moonlight Rabbit Elder Immanuel (X:535, Y:579)
  • Jimmy, Millia, and Teacher (X:739, Y:457)
  • Kevin and Stall Girl (X:711, Y:414)
  • Winemaker McCain (X:725, Y:403)
  • Prestigious Quest Clerk Mirabelle (X:712, Y:427)
  • Pike and Sophie (X:828, Y:373)
  • Poet and Village Elder (X:841, Y:332)
  • Rancher Foreman and Ranchers (X:851, Y:391)
  • Romeo and Juliet (X:629, Y:091)
  • Moonlight Rabbit Tribe Salvador (X:535, Y:579)
  • Missing Moonlight Rabbit Shara (X:856, Y:298)
  • Prankster Sully (X:866, Y:331)
  • William (X:687, Y:105)


Service grocer Anglers Anonymous Merchant
Legendary Fishing Bait Fortune Bag 50 Token
Ceremonial Fishing Rod 250 Token
Ceremonial Fishing Hat 150 Token
Ceremonial Raincoat 150 Token
Ceremonial Bracers 150 Token
Ceremonial Sandals 150 Token
All fishing merchants sell the same standard equipment and bait. See Fishing#Equipment and bait


Aggr Coord
21 Passive X:667, Y:520
Colorful Birdbrain
Aggr Coord
21 Passive X:647, Y:571
Lunar Flower Dryad
Aggr Coord
21 Hostile X:667, Y:387
<Alluring Fragrance>
Aggr Coord
21 Passive X:649, Y:408
Crescent Sprite
Aggr Coord
22 Passive X:714, Y:198
Drunken Flower Beetle
Aggr Coord
22 Hostile X:696, Y:258
Flower Field Sprite
Aggr Coord
22 Passive X:655, Y:129
Evil Flowertrap
Aggr Coord
23 Hostile X:828, Y:177
Giant Flowertrap
Aggr Coord
23 Hostile X:758, Y:126
<The Glutton>
Aggr Coord
23 Hostile X:767, Y:114
Tribal Patrolman
Aggr Coord
24 Hostile X:401, Y:258
Aggr Coord
25 Hostile X:512, Y:156
Tribal Elder
Aggr Coord
25 Passive X:453, Y:135
Tribal Warrior
Aggr Coord
25 Hostile X:401, Y:186
<Grand Mistwalker Elder>
Aggr Coord
25 Hostile X:528, Y:104
Related quest:
Grassy Beetle
Aggr Coord
26 Hostile X:550, Y:438
Heliotrope Beetle
Aggr Coord
26 Hostile X:541, Y:294
<Deadly Poison>
Aggr Coord
26 Hostile X:593, Y:445
Altar Sprite
Aggr Coord
27 Passive X:532, Y:532
Forest Flowertrap
Aggr Coord
27 Hostile X:527, Y:646
Waterfront Sprite
Aggr Coord
27 Passive X:565, Y:574
Navea Birdbrain
Aggr Coord
28 Passive X:427, Y:790
Waterborne Birdbrain
Aggr Coord
28 Passive X:506, Y:724
Mistwalker Bandit
Aggr Coord
29 Hostile X:740, Y:661
Sealing Stone Golem
Aggr Coord
29 Hostile X:734, Y:742
White Stone Golem
Aggr Coord
29 Hostile X:617, Y:691
Mainframe Soldier
Aggr Coord
30 Hostile X:790, Y:652
<Troll Berserker>
Aggr Coord
29 Hostile X:824, Y:732
Mistwalker Engineer
Aggr Coord
30 Hostile X:819, Y:694
Mistwalker Invader
Aggr Coord
30 Hostile X:749, Y:622
Mysterious Provocateur
Aggr Coord
30 Hostile X:872, Y:688
Mistwalker Chief
Aggr Coord
30 Hostile X:880, Y:597
Related quest:
Aggr Coord
53 Hostile X:523, Y:797
Mordecai is a World Boss that respawns every 4 hours on Sunday, starting at 00:00 (12 AM) EST.



School of FishEdit

School of Fish icon
School of Fish
King Fish
School of Fish icon
<Golden Blossom>
Golden Petal Fish
X:462, Y:557
Golden Petal
Times are based on the server time (GMT -5)

Thursday at 1 AM
Thursday at 9 AM
Thursday at 5 PM


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