Cube of Gaia

The Cube of Gaia is the central power in the world of Azuria. It is the reason for the existence of the three realms of Azuria: Aura Kingdom, Pandemonium, and Terra.


The Cube of Gaia is powerful enough to open the portals between the realms of Azuria. It is said that the Cube of Gaia is capable of bringing one back from the dead. It can only be held and used by an Envoy of Gaia. With Reinhardt being an Envoy of Gaia, he has acquired and manifested the powers of the Cube of Gaia after finding it in the depths of Miner's Steppe. Reinhardt longs to master the powers of the Cube of Gaia and plans to use it to bring chaos in the lands of Terra.

Is it said that the Cube fell from the cosmos.

Eidolons are capable of linking into the Cube of Gaia. After completely linking, the Eidolon can bring back an item they have recovered.


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