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Dueling is a term used for fighting other players, whether it is PvP or not. If a character is bored, they can duel a player by right-clicking somebody's name and selecting "Duel". That way, you are in combat-mode.

You can duel with another player. This is a consensual battle and both parties must agree to participate.

Rules and Info

There are some rules and basic information that abide the Dueling system.

  • Other party must not be busy or preoccupied.
  • You cannot duel someone who is engaged in battle with another person or creature.
  • You cannot duel someone who buying or selling things or using the bank.
  • Please be courteous when you request someone to duel.
  • You cannot die in a duel.
  • Duel stops once a player reaches 1 HP or the timer runs out.

It is recommended for a player to duel another player in the consent of about the same level.