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Eidolon Energy Crystal

Fuse Raw Materials
"When you hold this crystal, it glows dimly

with a restless strength within. You sense that this crystal strives to be something more..."

If you collect 75 Eidolon Energy crystals, you can fuse them into an artifact through the Fusion interface.

Otherwise, 100 can be traded to the Researches in your Guild Hall to obtain an artifact.
Use Ctrl + Left-click to view the required materials.
Hold shift when you click to seperate stacks of items.


Eidolon Energy Crystals are used to fuse together and form two forms of Unidentified Summoning Device:

  • This form requires uses 75 Eidolon Energy Crystals, 1 Hero's Emblem and 5Gold.

This will create a Unidentified Summoning Device which will summon an Eidolon on any map in which anyone can battle.

  • This form uses 100 Eidolon Energy Crystals which can be traded to Gardner


  • Monster Drops
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