Elemental Ascension
Cooldown              4.0s
Pass your elemental powers to your allies, increasing their SPD and CRIT.
UpIcon Increases surrounding party members' SPD by XXX, and CRIT by XXX.

Cooldown 1800.0 secs

NoticeIcon You can only have one skill from the party buff skills of the primary weapon or the secondary weapon.
NoticeIcon Consumes a Ninjutsu Scroll. This item can be purchased from the grocers.
NoticeIcon This effect will be removed if the Secondary Weapon is reset.


Elementalascension-skillicon Elemental AscensionCooldown 4 seconds GCDIcon 0.8 seconds
Target Party Members and Self
Weapon Type Shuriken
Level Level 30 (Main)
Level 55 (Sub)
Skill Amplifier -
Range AoE Range 25m
Effect UpIcon Surrounding party members' SPD and CRIT is respectively increased by a fixed amount. Lasts 30 min.

NoticeIcon You can only have one Party Buff skill active at the time. You must choose whether to enable the skill from your primary or secondary weapon.
NoticeIcon This skill will consume one Ninjutsu Scroll.
NoticeIcon The buff will be removed if the Secondary Weapon is reset.

Alternative NamesEdit

Server Name/Translation
Fantasy Frontier (Taiwanese) 五行靈陣
Innocent World (Japanese) 奥伝・五行結印


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