Enhanced Sharpening Saw
Transformation Tools
Cannot trade.
Character Level 50 and Above
UpIcon Increase CRIT by 15 - 23
NoticeIcon Using this item will increase the Fortification of an item by 1. It can only be used on equipment that already has been enchanted with the above attributes.
NoticeIcon Fortification Type: Ring, Necklace, Cloak.
NoticeIcon Can only be used on gear of Level 50 or above.
This alteration tool is used to sharpen accessories. It can increase the CRIT stats of accessories.

Right-click to start accessory alteration.
Hold Shift while you click to separate stacks of items.

Obtained fromEdit

Icon Name
Fish-waterfallcatfish Waterfall Catfish
Fish-kingsandcrab King Sand Crab
Fish-midnightsilverside Midnight Silverside
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