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Envoy's Path is a system were players learn specific capabilities to build their roles, establish different learning routes and results. The system will help the player boost attack, critical, evasion, in accordance with required points which could all be configured.



After every 3 Levels accquired the player will earn points to spend on the Envoy’s Path. The Envoy’s Path contains potent passive abilities that boost stats, accquire Ultimate Skills, and modify existing skills. The current maximum amount of points that can be earned is 25 (up to Lv75).

The number of available points is displayed in the Points section at the bottom-left. Previously assigned Envoy’s Path points can be reset, though each reset costs gold. The higher level the player is, the more will it cost to reset.

New bonuses can only be selected from squares directly adjacent to squares you have already unlocked. To unlock a square, left-click on a shaded icon, then click Confirm. If the player is having second thoughts, they can click Undo to reset any points they’ve allocated during the current session, as long as they haven’t yet hit Confirm to finalize their choices.

Class Breakdown[]

WM Frozen Archer.png   Envoy's Path
Classes Melee DuelistGuardianRavagerBrawlerRoninHoly Sword
Range GunslingerGrenadierRangerShinobiGuitar
Magic WizardSorcererBardReaperLancer

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