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|name = Faust
|name = Faust
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|icon = Faust-icon.png
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==Eidolon's Wish==
==Eidolon's Wish==
{{Missing|missing = Wishes}}
{{Missing|missing = Wishes}}
*Required item(s): [[Malachite]] x5.
*Required item(s): [[Fearless Leggings]].
*Required item(s): [[Cold Soda]] x5, [[Spicy Ribs and Porcinis]] x5.
*Required item(s): [[Mermaid's Tail]], [[Hypnosis Skin]] x3.
*Required item(s): [[Elixir of Ice]] x20, [[Dispelling Potion]] x3, [[Superior Health Potion]] x20.
*Required item(s): [[Eidolon Energy Crystal]] x100, [[Top-Quality Mana Parasite]] x15, [[Faust's Key Fragments]] x5.
==Eidolon Conversations==
{{Missing|missing = Conversations}}
: ''"Your wish is my duty. We'll try our best!"''
: ''"This is totally embarrassing. Please, leave us..."''
: ''"We'll present you with the treasure soon enough. Please be patient..."''
: ''"It's finished! Please, take a look at the crystal!"''
'''"Is there a type of art you prefer?"'''
: ''"Opera is a supreme art form. You know, it's often used to venerate people."''
: ''"I hope that one day I will have an opportunity to write a verse for you, Master..."''
: ''"Wait... where are you going?"''
: ''"Master, you are the most profound artist in this world."''
: ''"It's your presence that intoxicates me and keeps me by your side... Can I ask where you're going?"''
: ''"... I can't go with you? Why not?"''
: ''"Poetry and literature are beautiful arts,"''
: ''"but I prefer opere as it directly impacts the soul."''
'''"I heard that you have the power to control demons.../Are the rumors true? Do you have the power to control demons?"'''
: ''"If you count that as a win..."''
: ''"The short answer is yes, I can control demons."''
: ''"However, I paid an unimaginable price..."''
: ''"I feel like power is neither inherently good nor evil."''
: ''"Demonic power, if used for good ends, is perfectly acceptable."''
'''"Is it true? Can you predict the future?"'''
: ''"The future I have seen bypasses destiny."''
: ''"This mean it isn't set in stone. It can still be changed. I find that fact comforting."''
: ''"I have seen various possible futures,"''
: ''"but the one I have seen are not set in stone."''
: ''"I finally had an epiphany. I realized that the future is depends entirely on your choices in the here and now."''
'''"Your cloak looks really special!"'''
: ''"Even though this cloak is a symbol of evil,"''
: ''"you still seem to look at it with appreciation."''
: ''"You truly are a noble and perfect Master."''
: ''"This cloak is a manifestation of the demonn's power."''
: ''"I have given it the name of Mephistopheles"''
'''"What are your thoughts about destiny?"'''
: ''"Destiny's influence surpasses that of any other,"''
: ''"but that doesn't mean it can't be... influenced."''
: ''"From what I can see, you possess the power to alter your own destiny, Master."''
: ''"Sometimes destiny brings beautiful encounters."''
: ''"The way we met, for example..."''
: ''"... Why was I not able to speak to you for a while?"''
: ''"Destiny can be altered through hard work and determination."''
: ''"However, even those who do so may not earn destiny's favor."''
'''"So, you were once a scholar?"'''
: ''"I was once called a doctor. It was an honorary title for scholars."''
: ''"In reality, though, I was but a prisoner staring at shadow on the wall of a cave."''
'''"Do you know about Helen?"'''
: ''"Are you talking about the legendary beauty of the distant past who launched a thousand ships?"''
: ''"I've seen her. All I can say is that her beauty is deserving of its reputations."''
: ''I once successfully summoned the remnants of Helen's soul."''
: ''However, they only came together for one night. She dissappeared without a trace when the sun rose the next day."''
: ''But, even seeing that beauty for an instant is enough to remember it for an eternity."''
: ''She is the combination of beauty AND truth. I've always thought I'd never see anyone more beautiful, up until I met Master..."''
: ''However, after I met you, it all came clear to me."''
: ''I know what it feels like to be in the presence of perfection."''
'''"Do you have any unforgettable dreams?"'''
: ''Seeing ideals become a reality is... a sublime experience."''
: ''I only understood what it was like to have a dream come true after I saw you."''
'''"What was your most memorable dream?"'''
: ''Seeing you makes me feel like I'm dreaming again..."''
: ''You want to know if I have any way to wakes myself up during a nightmare?"''
: ''But you're awake now!"''
'''"Have you made a pact with a demon?/Do you know about making pacts with demons?"'''
: ''There's nothing in this world that can't be bought and sold."''
: ''But if you're willing to sell your soul,"''
: ''you need to find someone who can afford grant you what you desire."''
'''"What do you like to do?/Do you have any special interests?"'''
: ''Record anything interesting that you see before you..."''
: ''What's that? How do I record without pencil and paper?"''
: ''That's... That's a secret."''
: ''The records are perfect. They're like a meaningful conversation."''
: ''It's like your words and thoughts, Master..."''
: ''No, I didn't spy on you. Please let me explain!"''
: ''I also love listening to beautiful music."''
: ''... What kind of music do you consider beautiful?"''
: ''I like vocal music. Your voice, for example, is music to my ears."''
'''"I want to know some more Eidolon secrets."'''
: ''I heard that Eligos is the king of an entire nation."''
: ''I've long thought about how to discuss my utopia with him."''
: ''Ghodroon is surprisingly cheerful, even though he's been toyed with by fate."''
: ''Somehow, he takes it all in stride. I really appreciate this."''
: ''Nazrudin has a unique perpective of etiquette."''
: ''I have to say his understand of it trumps mine."''
'''"Can you perform some magic for me?"'''
: ''The magic is used for destruction, not for show."''
: ''Unless, of course, you enjoy seeing life force consumed by black magic."''
: ''If you want to see someone pull a rabbit out of a top hat,"''
: ''I'm afraid I'll have to disapoint you."''
: ''I'd be a fool to use demonic power for simple parlor simple tricks."''
'''"Do you know what the Cube of Gaia is?"'''
: ''The Cube of Gaia is a supreme presence."''
: ''It's a power that no one has the right to meddle with."''
'''"If the time has arrived to say goodbye, what are you gonna do?"'''
: ''I will continue to pursue the dream of a utopia. I will never give it up."''
: ''You wouldn't abandon your ideals would you?"''
'''"What type of utopia would you like to build?"'''
: ''I want to build a free and equal country."''
: ''A place free of pain and sorrow."''
: ''That's what people have in mind when they refer to utopia."''
*Faust is based on [ Faust], a protagonist of a classic German legend about a scholar making a pact with the demon.
*Faust appears to be the exact opposite of [[Aelius]].
*Judging from the way Faust talk to his [[Envoy]], Faust's Envoy is a woman.
{{Gallery Page|Rhodri.jpg|size=350px}}
Faust is based on [ Faust], a protagonist of a classic German legend about a scholar making a pact with the demon.
==Alternative Names==
==Alternative Names==

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Knight of Darkness

Eidolon Stats
1 Star Stats
Cplus Cplus B B A B

Eidolon Stats
2 Star Stats
Cplus B Bplus B Aplus Bplus

Eidolon Stats
3 Star Stats
Bplus A S A S Aplus

Base: 25 Max: 80
Star Buffs
1-starbuff Sprinter I Move SPD +5%
2-starbuff No Surprises I Chance to suffer a Critical Hit -25%
3-starbuff No Surprises II Chance to suffer a Critical Hit -50%
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Clad in a hooded cowl and dark armor, Faust's presence sets a chill in the bones. Some claim him an agent of Pandemonium in the mortal realm; others say he seeks a duel with the Knight of the Sun. Only one thing is certain: death follows in his wake.


Icon Skill Name Type Property Description
Wave of Mutilation Attack Ice Faust draws out a devilish power and infuses it into snow to cause a powerful magic blast, dealing Ice damage and slowing the enemy.
Demonic Pact Healing A secret technique of healing created by Faust himself that recovers party members' health and dispels negative statuses.
Forbidden Zone Buff Faust releases the evil power of his magical talisman to create a warding field that decreases the CRIT damage received by allies within range.

Ultimate Skills

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