Fortification adds a bonus to weapons and armor, ATK and DEF respectively. Three items are required for fortifying: Gaia Fragments, Weapon Fortification Scrolls (for weapons) or Armor Fortification Scrolls (for armor), and of course, the weapon or armor itself. You may obtain the fragments by salvaging unwanted gear.

Salvaging Armor and WeaponsEdit

  • Press the B key to open the Inventory bag.
  • Left click on the Salvage button. It has a hammer icon.
  • Move the mouse pointer over the gear to be salvaged and left click to turn it into Gaia Fragments.

Receive more Gaia Fragments by salvaging higher level and better quality gear.

Fortifying Armor and WeaponsEdit

  • Press the B key to open the Inventory bag.
  • Left click on the Fortify button. It has a sword icon.
  • Place the armor or weapon to be fortified in the Place Gear window.
  • Place the corresponding scroll, either Armor Fortification Scrolls or Weapon *Fortification Scrolls in the Fortify Item window.
  • The Consumed window shows how many Gaia Fragments will be used per fortification attempt.
  • The Remaining window displays how many Gaia Fragments the character has left.
  • If a fortification fails, Potential points will be added which make the next attempt more likely to succeed.
  • When you are ready fortify, click the Fortify button.
  • Basic Fortification Scrolls work up to +9. Advanced Fortification Scrolls work up to +20.
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