It is in this mysterious place that Eidolons are born and the mighty Power of Gaia springs forth.
— Gaia's Sanctuary description

Gaia's Sanctuary is a solo and party instance located in Crescent Hill, near <Eidolon Research Director> Henrik.

Gaia's Sanctuary has two modes: solo and party mode. The dungeon is split in two portals: the heart of darkness and the shores of light. Depending on which portal that is chosen, different Eidolons will spawn.


... This is a place of birth... A place of miracles... This is the cradle of all Eidolons...
— Ancient Spirit

Due to a miracle when the Ancient Spirits' ancestor built the temple, Gaia's Sanctuary became the birthplace of all Eidolons. In the present, the sanctuary beckons Envoys worthy enough to challenge the trials within. It is very dangerous however, as some people have entered but never came back.

Entry limitEdit

Mode Limit Reset
Solo1Gain one entry every 24 hours starting from 6:00 AM EST


During solo mode, the player will meet three Ancient Spirits. The right one, named Ancient Spirit of Strength, grants an offensive buff whereas the left one, named Ancient Spirit of Life, grants a defensive buff. Only one of the buffs can be received.

During party mode however, only one Ancient Spirit will be present, which the player can talk to about the place, to leave the instance, and most importantly, choose the portal of the instance. Once chosen, the player can not undo their choice.


Path of Chaos

Elemental Creation Chamber

Hall of Fairytales

Shifting Altar of Space-Time

Armory Hall

Hidden Chamber of Feral Madness

Grand Earth Promenade

Temple of Justice


These items below are known to be hidden inside the Gaia's Creation Treasure Box, which appears at the end of the dungeon:


Location Type - Instance   Dungeons
Regular Alabastren Temple (28+)Gydaie Glen (38+)Miner's Steppe (43+)Deep's Cavern (48+)Candeo Core (48+)Wrathborne Temple (53+)Ghostweep Cave (53+)Ozymand Temple (53+)Titan's Root (66+)Cadilla Felwood (66+)Frozenlea Plains (70+)Twilight Forest (75+)Tomb of the Ancients (80+)Sarpa's Forbidden Laboratory (80+)
Otherworld Otherworld: Port Skandia (50+)Otherworld: Helonia Coast (60+)Otherworld: Crescent Hill (60+)Otherworld: Emerald Marsh (75+)
Otherworld: Alabastren Temple (60+)Otherworld: Gydaie Glen (60+)Otherworld: Miner's Steppe (60+)Otherworld: Deep's Cavern (70+)Otherworld: Candeo Core (70+)Otherworld: Titan's Root (75+)Otherworld: Cadilla Felwood (75+)Otherworld: Twilight Forest (80+)
Abyssal Infernal Abyss (55+)Whirlpool Abyss (60+)Avarice Abyss (75+)Vault of Eternity - Great Hall (80+)
Lament of the Thunder-Dragon King (65+)Landing of the Sky Dragon King (65+)Siege of the Aqua-Dragon Queen (65+)Tempestuous Temple (70+)Pyroclastic Purgatory (70+)Thunder Temple of the Underworld Baroness (75+)Frozen Ruins of Zahr-Kazaal (75+)
Special Sky Tower (60+)Sky Realm (70+)
Temple of the Eidolons (30+)Gaia's Sanctuary (70+)Gaia's Sanctuary - Trial (75+)
Dimensional Hall (20-75)Fight Club (50+)Subterranean Ruins (50-70)Monster Research Institute (50-60)
Hall of Philae (65+)Duelists' Temple (65+)
Misc. Ruins Cave (1+)Hidden Cave (1+)South-West Helonia Mountain Cave (8+)North Helonia Mountain Cave (8+)Former Site of Lunarin Village (18+)
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