A list of all conversations between the Envoy and Gigas.

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Conversations[edit | edit source]

Linking[edit | edit source]

"Only I have the strength to win."
"This is working smoothly."
"I need to focus..."
"My efforts have paid off."

Non-conversative[edit | edit source]

High Eidolon Energy
"Are you envious of my perfect body? Keep working, and you can have one just like it!"
"You've beaten so many powerful enemies. Looks like I've underestimated you."
"One day I will be the strongest Eidolon in the world."
"The Envoy's Path must be chosen carefully, because it will directly influence your effectiveness in combat."
"I want to find out who's stronger: you or me."
"If you want to pursue the ultimate defense, then fortify your armor!"
"It's quite interesting to wander around with you. You have all the best enemies, haha!"
"I see great strength in your eyes."
"You look rather happy, did something nice happen?"
"Just tell me when you have any problems. I'll help you, no matter how difficult it is."
Semi-Low Eidolon Energy
"Ha! Perfect timing! I was bored to death!"
"If there's anything that you're unhappy about, just say it. I welcome any kind of criticism!"
"Learn from my attacks. Your weak strikes won't do anything!"
"Hemming and hawing really irritates me!"
"Looks like you've completely underestimated my strength..."
"You still don't seem to trust me at all..."
Low Eidolon Energy
"I've always felt that you think of me as a brother. I never suspected that you didn't trust me at all."
"Are you upset with me? Is that why you're so cold?"
"It's so hard to be straight forward with you!"
"You find me annoying, don't you? Have I seen through you?"
"If you don't need my help, just summon some other Eidolon!"
"You still don't seem to trust me at all..."

Conversative[edit | edit source]

"How do you normally train?" / "How do you improve your skills?"
"The best training starts with basics."
"Master the basics and everything else will come to you."
"I train more than my skills. I also train my spirit through meditation."
"Life is about strength. That is why you must train endlessly."
"Every moment of leisure is a moment of training lost. Growing strong is nothing special. It is simply effort applied."
"Anyone who believes otherwise is a fool."
"Do you have any weaknesses?" / "What is your greatest fear?"
"Fear? I cannot feel fear."
"I will also never surrender."
"Weaknesses belong to the weak."
"I am Gigas. I have no need of fears."
"Please, do not insult me."
"I have told an untruth. I do understand fear."
"I fear that no challenges will remain for me to face one day. Ha. Ha."
"Do you prefer the mountains or the sea?" / "Would you rather vacation in the cool mountains or the sunny sea?"
"The mountains."
"The beach is not known for fearsome opponents."
"As beautiful as this body is, I think the mountains are right."
"The beach sand may compromise my joints."
"I cannot abide the beach. So many people indulging in sloth, laying about and sunning themselves."
"Where is the discipline? Where is the self-control?"
"If I had to choose, the mountains."
"You would be better served by training than going to either place, though."
"Do you know how to be gentle?" / "What do you think of gentle people?"
"I know a little of being gentle. For example, I never let my opponents suffer."
"It is strange. Gentle people often seem to fear me."
"I find it rude."
"I can appreciate gentle people."
"Not wishing harm on others is admirable, if foolhardy."
"Gentle people still desire to protect those they care about."
"What do you think of power?" / "What is power to you?"
"Power is my reason for living."
"Power grants you victory, and power prevents needless conflict."
"Power is a tool, defined by the user. It is a neutral force."
"Power is a type of philosophy."
"In gaining it, you learn of the world and the people in it."
"Life is a contest of power. Those with it prevail, those without fail."
"What do you know about the Templars?" / "Hey, tell me something about the Templars."
"They can be admired. It requires great power and skill to be a Templar."
"I do wish to challenge one someday."
"The Templars understand the importance of power."
"They are an impressive military force."
"Becoming a Templar is a difficult task, requiring much work."
"It has been said that the Templars have a dark past, but it is the present by which all should be judged."
"Tell me about some of the places you've seen." / "Where have you traveled?"
"I have a certain fondness for the Ventos Prairie."
"It is unfortunate I despise the Makar."
"The Triatio Highlands intrigue me. They are home to skilled hunters."
"The Demarech Mines... they make me nostalgic."
"I can feel the power of the Cube of Gaia there. I wonder if it is buried in the depths..."
"Candeo Marsh is a terrible place. I avoid it as much as possible."
"What can you tell me about the Auction House?" / "Give me some advice regarding the Auction House."
"It is a useful tool, used to buy and sell items. I know little of it, though."
"You should learn about the Auction House. Consider it financial training."
"Navea's Auction House is the largest I have seen."
"Almost too large, I would say."
"You should learn the market. What prices are fair? Which are competitive?"
"Wealth is another form of power - one the world is very quick to recognize."
"How do I make my equipment sparkle?" / "Tell me about Fortification."
"Fortification is critical to growth. Fragments you get from disassembling equipment can be used to fortify weapons and armor."
"Make sure to convert useless gear."
"Even if Fortification fails, the equipment's potential will still increase slightly."
"When the accumulated potential reaches 100, that item will level."
"When an item is fortified, its power increases."
"A fully fortified weapon will shine."
"Equipment Fortification is based on luck, so don't worry if it doesn't go right."
"What do you do when you explore?" / "How do you find interesting things?"
"The world is your training grounds. You will find interesting things simply by pushing yourself."
"Listen to what people say."
"You'll hear interesting things."
"One person's problem is another's opportunity."
"Everyone is different."
"Learn from them and become stronger for it."
"The extraordinary is merely the ordinary with training."
"Never stop growing."
"Do you like to eat?" / "How much do you usually eat in a day?"
"My spirit is able to absorb energy directly from the ether, allowing me to function forever."
"Eating is the process by which humans generate energy. Good fuel helps a machine run at its peak, and so it is with humans."
"Speaking of food, you should eat better."
"A sound mind and sound body are achieved by sound eating."
"My own body weight remains constant, in spite of energy intake."
"I often hear humans lament that it is not so for them."
"How strong are you, anyway?" / "How much can you lift?"
"A subject I enjoy speaking on!"
"I once carried a mountain...down a mountain."
"My strength rivals that of the Cube of Gaia."
"In other words, I am nearly invincible."
""Dost thou even lift?", spirits would query, my reply to which was to hoist and throw them into the air."
"Must you ask? I am the strongest Eidolon. I feel no pain, and my body is impervious to lasting harm."
"Will your body ever rust?" / "How do you maintain your armor?"
"Even enchanted metal cannot fully escape the passage of time."
"But unless I was negligent, self-maintenance is simple."
"I oil and polish myself daily."
"Do not confuse this with pampering. It is ensuring the quality of my body."
"If I were negligent in my upkeep, I might develop a dignified patina."
"This armor is the container of my soul. To let myself rust would be unthinkable."
"Have you ever cried?" / "What sorts of things make you cry?"
"Tears are for when you lack power."
"There is no shame in it, but it is a sign you must continue to grow."
"I yield. I have shed a tear after surpassing my limits. There is no shame in joy."
"Victory can be worth a tear or two of joy."
"It is not my taste, but I can understand."
"It fills me with sorrow when my opponents are weak."
"Hey, what do you know about some of the other Eidolons?" / "Tell me something interesting about one of the other Eidolons!"
"Uzuriel is a master warrior. Her form is perfect. Her movements are flawless."
"Her battles are like art."
"Bahadur once led a ruthless, powerful army."
"The mountains themselves would shake when his troops moved."
"Tigerius Caesar is arrogant, but skilled."
"Former enemies have sworn themselves to him in exchange for training."
"Quelkulan? His dark arts and toxins would not avail him against me. Let us not speak of him."
"Has your massive frame ever been a hindrance?" / "Is there anything you don't like about being so huge?"
"It is annoying that so many people fear me."
"I am quite kind."
"Birds mistake me for a tree at times."
"It is not really an annoyance, though."
"Doorways prove problematic at times."
"Since I am so big, people trust me to pick up their slack in a fight."
"Do you have hobbies aside from training?" / "Anything interest you besides training?"
"Singing is a human pursuit that fascinates me."
"It is my shameful secret, but my voice is magnificent. It would be a waste to not use."
"I like to help people."
"There is a limitless challenge in reacting to every unique problem someone might have."
"Problem solving."
"Come, why not try it out with me?"
"Believe it or not, I do rest now and again."
"Why do you hate snakes so much?" / "What do you hate about snakes?"
"Serpents are weak. They do not even lift."
"They are weak and lazy creatures."
"They rely on venom to defeat their foes."
"What is there to like about them?"
"Who would not hate a miserable tube of meat?"
"They are, essentially, lizards too lazy to walk."
"Where do you get your power?" / "What gives you energy?"
"A subject I enjoy!"
"The power of my body is derived from the power of my spirit. A strong will develops a strong body."
"This node on my chest is a fragment of the Cube of Gaia. It supplements my own power."
"If need be, I can draw upon it to become even stronger."
"I am capable of harnessing power from the Cube of Gaia and using it as my own."
"The Cube of Gaia is key to my strength."
"If you and I were separated..." / "What will happen to you if we were to ever part ways?"
"I would continue to train and help others."
"Even if we were to physically part, I would remain with you in spirit."
"I won't be surprised when that day comes."
"We will still have our responsibilities to attend to."
"If I fail, then I expect you to replace me with someone stronger."
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