Iron Titan

Eidolon Stats
1 Star Stats
Cplus Cplus B A B B

Eidolon Stats
2 Star Stats
Cplus Cplus Bplus Aplus Bplus Bplus

Gigas 3star
Eidolon Stats
3 Star Stats
Bplus Bplus Aplus Splus Aplus Aplus

Base: 25 Max: 99
Star Buffs
1-starbuff Lightning Rod I Damage against Lightning targets +15%
2-starbuff Iron Curtain I DEF +5%
3-starbuff Iron Curtain II DEF +10%
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Wrought of enchanted iron by a civilization long lost to memory, Gigas feels no pain and yields to no opponent. It is said that, in recognition of its strength and valor, the gods gave it a hero's soul, allowing it to exist eternally.
Single Target: CompletestarCompletestarCompletestar
Area of Effect: CompletestarUncompletestarUncompletestar
Defensive: CompletestarCompletestarCompletestar
Evasive: CompletestarCompletestarUncompletestar
Heal: UncompletestarUncompletestarUncompletestar
Support: UncompletestarUncompletestarUncompletestar


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2 Star
3 Star
4 Star
"Since you're so fond of my armor, I've decided to become your mighty shield!"
"Just get behind me and relax! From now on I'll block anything that comes at you!"


Icon Skill Name Type Property Description
Give It All You Got Attack Electric Gigas releases an electromagnetic shock from its superconductive wrist bangle, then strikes the enemy with maximum power, dealing lightning damage and decreasing their speed. Generates high malice.
Furious Dynamo Attack Electric Enraged, Gigas spins its body fast enough to generate sparks, which criss-cross into a high-voltage net that deals Lightning damage to the surrounding enemies and generates high malice.
Adjudicator Attack Electric Gigas shines with justice, releasing burst of energy that slams nearby enemies with Lightning damage and generates malice, drawing their attention.

Ultimate SkillsEdit

Icon Skill Name Type Property Description
Staggering Blow Attack Electric Gigas boosts its power output and throws a crushing blow, dealing Lightning damage and rendering enemies momentarily unable to fight back.
Numbing Blow Attack Electric As its fist glows with an awesome power, Gigas performs a combo strike with you, dealing Lightning damage and decreasing enemies' Attack SPD.
Disorienting Blow Attack Electric Gigas rips through enemies with a violent strike that shakes the very earth, dealing Lightning damage and decreasing enemies' ACC.

Eidolon's WishEdit

Gigas Gears Up IEdit

  • Item required: Magnetic Alloy x2.
  • Skills Bonus: CRIT +14, HP +44, EVA +16
"Hear that? The singing contest is about to start. There's no time to lose!"
"Quickly, find these items. I must practice my vocals!"
"That's right, these are the items. I have to take care of my vocal cords so I can sing well!"

Gigas Gears Up IIEdit

"If I don't eat a full meal, I can't sing well!"
"It's simply impossible to produce my usual melodious vocals on an empty stomach."
"Ha! You really do understand me best."

Gigas' GigEdit

"Proper training, done! Now I have to look the part."
"I can't go on stage like this... Please, help me get a few items."

Gigas Goes the Distance IEdit

"Alas, I neglected my battle training to prepare for the singing competition..."
"That's not good at all. Get me a boost potion - we must train quickly!"
"Excellent! With a hefty stock of potions, we'll have the advantage on the battlefield"

Gigas Goes the Distance IIEdit

"A strong defense is crucial to gaining the upper hand on the battlefield."
"We've talked long enough - it's time to prepare!"
"Exactly! A strong defense can make even the most powerful attack ineffective."

Gigas Goes GaiaEdit

"My inspiration comes from the Cube of Gaia, as does my power!"
"If you want to be stronger, you'll need materials for the Power of Gaia."
"Ha! These items are all we need to make the key?"
"They've become part of me, haha!"



Gigas is based on Hercules, the Roman version of the divine hero from the Greek mythology.


  • Gigas' birthday is August 5th.[1]

Alternative NamesEdit

Server Name/Translation
Fantasy Frontier (Taiwanese) 海克力斯 (Hercules)
Innocent World (Japanese) ヘラクレス (Hercules)
Aura Kingdom (Korean) 헤라클레스 (Hercules)
Aura Kingdom (French) Nephilim
Aura Kingdom (German) Herkules
Aura Kingdom (Spanish) Hiperión
Aura Kingdom (Portuguese) Cronos




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