Gliding is a skill that allows the player to glide across the sky after a successful jump.


Overview[edit | edit source]


The Glide and Ten Ton Drop skill becomes available after the player reaches level 6.

Gliding can be performed after jumping to a high altitude and immediately pressing or clicking the "Glide" skill hotbar or the R short key. The player can continuously use the Glide skill after each cooldown. Subsequent uses of the Glide skill increases the cooldown.

The player will stop gliding after touching the ground. The player can also stop gliding by using the skill "Ten Ton Drop" by pressing or clicking the Ten Ton Drop skill in the skill hotbar or pressing the S short key twice.

Gliding cannot be used inside instances. Gliding can only be used in the world field.

Important uses[edit | edit source]

  1. Ancient Brevis in Cactakara Forest can only be entered through gliding.
  2. A quest in Vulture's Vale requires the use of gliding to another part of the region.
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