The Guild Hall

A Guild is a player-run organization in which players band together as a community. Each guild has its guild members, a dedicated guild channel, and a Guild Hall; a special location containing various merchants and guild exclusive features.


A guild is a private community of a collection of players who work together to play, trade, and participate for events. Players can check their guild by pressing on the "G" key on their keyboard.

Players can either join a guild through recruitment from other players or through the recruitment listing, or create their own guild. Players can join other guilds once they reach level 10.


A player must have:

  • 10 Gold
  • Character level 20 or above

In order to create one, players can press G on their keyboard and the guild recruitment listing appears. Below, a button allows the player to create a guild and name it. Guild names can be up to 16 characters long and must not have spaces in the name.

Guild LevelEdit


Icon Level Guild EXP Benefits
1 -
  • Recruitment messages
  • Bulletin board notices
  • Maximum 35 members
  • 1% XP/drop boost to members
  • One Main Rank, other than Guild Leader
2 200
  • Affair notes board (30 notes)
  • Maximum 50 members
  • 2% XP/drop boost to members
  • Two Main Ranks
3 1,500
  • Fund shop in Navea
  • Guild Emblem (32x32)
  • Maximum 65 members
  • 3% XP/drop boost to members
  • Three Main Ranks
4 6,000
  • Guild hall access
  • Maximum 80 members
  • 4% XP/drop boost to members
  • Four Main Ranks
5 18,000
  • Warehouse for guild (50 items capacity)
  • Maximum 95 members
  • 5% XP/drop boost to members
  • Five Main Ranks
  • Rental of services (3 NPCs)
6 30,000
  • Profession XP +1%
  • First guild warehouse expansion
7 45,000
  • Profession XP +2%
  • Maximum 110 members
  • Number of rental of services (6 NPCs)
8 60,000
  • 6% XP/drop boost to members
  • Profession XP +3%
  • Second guild warehouse expansion
9 80,000
  • 7% XP/drop boost to members
  • Profession XP +4%
  • Number of rental of services (9 NPCs)
10 100,000
  • Profession XP +5%
  • Third guild warehouse expansion


Guild members can contribute to the guild simply by accepting and completing quests that rewards guild experience. The amount of guild experience varies between quest. Guild experience can be rewarded from:

  • Daily dungeon quests (+10 guild experience/quest), only after the completion of the respective world field's quests
  • Fame quests (+10 guild experience/quest)
  • Dimensional Hall (+3 guild experience/quest)
  • Daily Battlefield quests (+5 guild experience/quest), only after reaching level 60 and accessing Vulture's Vale and Blizzard Berg
  • Minor quests that reward guild experience

For each guild experience earned, the guild member also earns contribution points and funds. Contribution points are listed in the member listing and can be sorted through most contributions to least.

Guild funds are monetary value. They can be used to purchase items through the guild fund shops in Navea or the Guild Hall. When using guild funds, guild experience or contribution points do not deduct from the guild. Guild funds are transferred when leaving and joining a new guild.


Guild interface

The Guild Menu

The guild interface or menu contains various information about the guild. There are three tabs available to view: the information, the guild affairs/notes, guild commands, guild instance and rental services.

Guild InfoEdit

The information tab contains:

  • The guild name
  • The creator's name
  • Date of establishment
  • Number of members, maximum capacity, and online members
  • Guild experience
  • Guild emblem
  • Bulletin
  • Member listing (can be ticked to display offline members)
  • Player's guild funds
  • Guild Hall accessibility
  • Leave button

Guild EmblemEdit

The guild emblem symbolizes the guild. It is unlocked once the guild reaches level three. Guild emblems are 32x32 in size and can also be transparent with the use of a specific background color.

A transparency can be applied by adding a background color with the following properties: red 255, green 0, blue 255. It can simply be added using any basic image editor.

Guild FundsEdit

There are two types of guild funds: personal and shared. Personal guild funds are obtained in similar fashion as contributions, whereas the latter are shared through the whole guild.

Introduced in February 2017, the shared guild funds are donated by the members. To donate, simply click on the guild donation and choose one of the following methods:

  • Basic: donate 20 person guild funds to increase the shared guild funds. Each member can only donate through Basic or Advanced once per day.
  • Advanced: donates 200 personal guild funds to increase the shared guild funds. Each member can only donate through Basic or Advanced once per day.
  • Superior: donates guild stones obtained from guild instances to increase shared guild funds. Unlike the two prior methods, this can be done an unlimited amount of times per day.

The shared guild funds can then be used to rent NPCs in the guild hall or expand the guild warehouse.

Guild AffairsEdit

The guild affairs are general notes. It is unlocked once the guild reaches level two. It can display any factual information about the guild. Up to 30 notes can be stored in the guild affairs.

Guild CommandsEdit

The guild command interface displays the bulletin board message, recruitment message and recruitment listing availability, accomplishments, positions, and ranks.


As the guild levels, new positions will be unlocked. Positions can be renamed to accommodate with the theme of the guild, up to 16 characters long. There are currently six ranks, including the guild leader.

Ranks can be given privileges, and by default, have the power to:

  • Speak in the guild chat
  • Write in bulletin board
  • Write affair notes
  • Recruit
  • Expel (ranks 1-5 only)
  • Change ranks of other members (ranks 1-4 only)
  • Access the guild warehouse

All members from rank 1 to 6 can access the following, unless otherwise stated or were not given privilege by the guild leader.

The guild leader has access to all privileges and controls the entire guild functions, including adding the guild in the recruitment listing, changing privileges, or disbanding the guild entirely. They may not remove their own privileges.

Guild InstanceEdit

An ancient evil has invaded the Grass Kingdom. Overnight, everyone either vanished or became influenced by an evil presence. Zinnia must rescue her companions and fight to save her home.
— Scenario Description of "Save the Grass Kingdom"

Guild instances are guild-based dungeons progressive for each individual guild. The current theme is "Save the Grass Kingdom".

One entry is available per day, and there are currently 5 instances to choose from. 3 solo instances, and 2 instances that are player's choice of being done solo or with a party. Completing these instances grant a checkpoint rewards when completing clearing it for the first time, and guild stones claimable indefinitely.

Guild stones can either be donated to the shared guild fund, or be traded for items with the guild merchant.

The guild instance resets every Wednesday at 6:00 AM EST.

Dungeon Modes Checkpoint Reward Level requirement
Rescue Operation: Rehia Solo Guild Stone - 10 Points Lv.60+
Rescue Operation: Yeshe Solo 50 Loyalty Points (Non-Tradable) Lv.60+
Rescue Operation: Moe Solo Cyril's Key Fragment Lv.60+
Rescue Operation: Cole Party Lion King Trinket Chest Lv.60+
Rescue Operation: Grass Kingdom Party Aura Kingdom Coupon: 200 Points Lv.60+

Rental ServicesEdit

Using the shared guild funds, guild leaders has the option to hire various merchants to the guild hall. These services only last for one day.

Icon Merchant Name Cost Guild Level
Icon chronicles
Chronicle Researcher Rosenberg 350 Lv.5
Icon anglers anonymous director
Anglers Anonymous Director Myrna 350 Lv.5
Small School of Fish
Anglers Anonymous Merchant Anette 350 Lv.5
Icon card merchant
AK Card Merchant Izzy 350 Lv.5
Icon cooking merchant
Culinary Club Merchant Aileen 350 Lv.5
Icon gathering merchant
Collector's Club Merchant Garret 350 Lv.5
Icon relic collector
Relic Collector Vera 350 Lv.5
Icon eidolon researcher
Senior Eidolon Researcher Darryll 350 Lv.5
Icon portal
Portal 850 Lv.5

Based on the guild level, a certain number of maximum NPCs can be hired at one time:

  • At level 5, the guild can hire up to 3 NPCs
  • At level 7, the guild can hire up to 6 NPCs
  • At level 9, the guild can hire up to 9 NPCs

Guild HallEdit

Main article: Guild Hall
Guild Hall Eidolon

Kotonoha spawning in the Guild Hall

The Guild Hall, or Guild Manor, is unlocked once the guild reaches level four. New members are restricted from entering the Guild Hall within the 24-hours of joining the guild; after 24 hours, the restriction is lifted.

The Guild Hall contains several NPCs that can normally be found in towns:

  • Weapon and armor merchants
  • Grocer
  • Gourmet and beverage merchants
  • Secret stone merchant
  • Auction house
  • Alchemist
  • Warehouse and guild warehouse

The Guild Hall also contains two fishing spots, including the exclusive Wisdom Fish, and also has its own fishing merchant.

Guild WarehouseEdit

Main article: Warehouse#Guild Warehouse

The guild warehouse is a shared warehouse between the guild members. It is unlocked once the guild reaches level five. Guild members can store any tradable, non-bound item in the guild warehouse. Anyone in the guild who has access to the guild warehouse can deposit or withdraw any item in it, regardless of the owner of the item. At level five, it can store up to 50 items.

Once a guild reaches level six, the guild leader can also use the shared guild funds to expand the amount of available space in the guild warehouse. The guild warehouse can be expanded a total of 3 times, each time requiring a specific guild level and a specific amount of guild funds:

Expansion Level Required Cost in Collective Guild Funds
FirstLevel 650,000
SecondLevel 8150,000
ThirdLevel 10400,000


Main article: Guild Hall#Monsters

From time to time, Eidolons and guild bosses may spawn at their set time and date, the latter after an Eidolon is defeated.

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