Each Guitar skill played will be accompanied by three different musical notes in Fresh Blue, Bright Golden, and Dazzling Purple. Play the notes in a certain order to form a special melody and liberate its soul in the form of a skill. The ultimate skill is "Universal Chord."

"Universal Chord" unlocks the full potential of the Guitar, granting powerful damage to enemies and bolstering your allies' strength.

Guitar is a range class who, as the name suggests, wields the Guitar as their weapon of choice.


Doom Fulgur Strum with the speed of light to magnify your potentials and teleport to a target to stun and inflict Lightning damage on targets.
Attack Electric Level 80
Stardust Waltz You cannot help but dance faster and faster to this dizzying waltz to further increase your Move SPD.
Attack Physical Level 80
Universal Chord Awaken the hidden final movement by obtaining and playing various combinations of Demonic Notes in sequence.
Buff Physical Level 80
Daemon Remix Use arcane magic to summon a demon who holds great passion for music and will inflict Dark DMG on targets with a sonic impact.
Attack Dark Level 80
Celestial Glow Swing your body and kneel down to play a piece of music so full of healing power that it cures targets of both fatigue and wounds, while also restoring their health.
Heal Assist Level 80
Twinkling Star Use unique skills to play a melody capable of changing gravity. A summoned meteor falls from the sky, inflicting massive damage on targets within range.
Attack Physical Level 80
Ignis Flash Play passionate and moving music to awaken the Might of Light lying dormant underground, inflicting Holy damage to foes unlucky enough to be caught in its fan-shaped range.
Attack Light Level 80
Rock Beat Passionately play rock 'n' roll music with enough energy to boost both morale and party members' concentration, while also reducing the rate of their received critical damage.
Buff Assist Level 80

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