Hunting Triceragons

A village in Triatio Highlands has been suffering attacks from a large group of Triceragons. A request for help has been submitted to Navea in hopes that someone will provide aid.

Completion Condition
Destroy the Triceragon Nest 0/1
Report to: <Commander> Orlando
Quest Reward
Varies based on player level0 Silver10 Tokens 10 Guild EXP

Conversation[edit | edit source]

Accepting the Quest[edit | edit source]


A large military seal is affixed to one of the bulletin board's requests. The word "Urgent" is written in plain view at the top of the notice. Curious, you take down the request to read it.


"Ah! Finally, someone willing to take on a military request!" Mirabelle sighs with relief.
"I don't mess around when it comes to these military requests!" Mirabelle nods matter-of-factly.
"A village in the Triatio Highlands has been attacked by a large group of Triceragons. The guards there have sent out requests for help, but the army designated to the area is unable to set out."
"So, Commander Orlando posted this request and was in a rather sour mood while doing it, too! He is expecting someone to go and help save that village."
"So, I'm volunteering you for the task! Please go and help those guards!"

In Progress[edit | edit source]


"Well...?" What is it?"
Orlando stares at you expectantly.

Completing the Quest[edit | edit source]


Facing Orlando, you carefully explain everything that has happened.


"I never thought...Yolanda..." A heavy silence falls between you.
"This is the Templars' problem, but somehow innocent people got dragged into it." Orlando's voice is weighted with guilt.
"Nonetheless, we are still grateful for your help. Here is your honor and reward. Navea will always be grateful for everything you have done." Orlando nods.

Shortcut Description[edit | edit source]

Go to Highland Village, and defeat the invading Triceragons.

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