Kaiser Zeta's Key of Gaia
Gaia Key
Cannot trade. Not usable in combat.
Character Level 25 and Above
This key contains the will of Kaiser Zeta. Be careful; handling this key could release a high-voltage shock!

Right-click to obtain the Eidolon Kaiser Zeta.
You cannot obtain the same Eidolon twice.
This key is also used in the evolution of Kaiser Zeta.
Hold Shift while you click to separate stacks of items.
Blazing Justice
Kaiser Zeta
Level: 25
DMG: 4550 B.png
CRIT: 491 Cplus.png
SPD: 737 B.png
HP: 8621 A.png
DEF: 1916 B.png
EVA: 492 Cplus.png
Plasma Cannon
Kaiser Zeta charges the target, shooting plasma at the target's face while dealing Lightning damage with a stun effect.

Field of Resonance
Kaiser Zeta releases as powerful electromagnetic field to reduce the received damage of nearby party members.

Electric Railgun
Kaiser Zeta devastates targets with his high frequency railgun, dealing massive Lightning damage to targets within range and decreasing their damage output.

Info[edit | edit source]

This key will summon Kaiser Zeta.

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