Kargula's Tests

The remote village of Kargula is trying to hold its ritual trials, however all the young, capable people of the village have left to move on to other places in the world, leaving no one to perform the ritual adequately.

Completion Condition
Defeat Kargula Hyper Incarnation. 0/1
Report to: <Kargula Village Chief> Milton
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"This request hails from the remote Kargula Village. The people of the village are very religious and follow a strict schedule of ceremonies. This time of year is where they pray for their god to bless them with good health."
"This is one of their more well known ceremonies, as young adults from the village undertake many trials to please their god."
"Recently, many of the youth of the village have left to find work elsewhere. The remaining people are either too young or too old to attempt the tests. Although it goes against tradition, the people of Kargula Village are in need of someone with the strength to complete their ceremony."

In ProgressEdit


"These trials are not too difficult, <Envoy>. You just need to be calm and carefully analyze and observe the issue at hand." Milton tries to ease your worries.
"However, we're still all counting on you. A wrong answer will unleash a scourge upon our people, so please be careful."

Completing the QuestEdit


"Expertly done, <Envoy>! Your successful completion proves that you are an equal match for any of the young Kargula villagers. You have done what us weak and elderly cannot."
"I fully intended to have some of our own young villagers undertake the trials, but our youth are not interested in our traditions and have ventured out into other places of the world."
"Ungrateful kids... Luckily for us, the main objective of these rituals is the pleasing of the gods. And the gods never specifically said the one to do the trials had to be from this village. Why, ages ago, the foreign husband of one of our women successfully underwent the trials with no problems."
"If we fail to complete our ritual, our gods may forsake us. This year we've already experienced extreme drought one moment and heavy storms at the next! Our grain crops are in terrible danger of dying off."
"We of the Kargula Village are forever grateful to you for helping us in our ritual. We can certainly expect a long time of peace to come. You will not be forgotten, <Envoy>." Milton says this calmly, like a man freed from a great burden.


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